50 White ID Top Quality Badge Reels w / Swivel Clip 2120-7608 by SpecialistID

36,99 USD

*** 2.99 Ships your ENTIRE ORDER from Expert ID ***

These Swivel Clip Reels are the finest choice for Physicians, Nurses and Medical facility Personnel! Clip connects to any part of any garment and is great for connecting to a pocket or the neck-line of scrubs. The Swivel has 360 Degree Rotation which permits you to & quot; & quot; badge yourself in & quot; & quot; at card readers at any height. They Connect and and are Gotten rid of easily and are of the Highest Quality

When offering your designs to your good friends and co-workers just the very best and most trustworthy materials will do. Let our quality represent your creativity. We’ve stocked just the finest quality ID devices given that 2001.

25 White Round Badge Reels, w/ Clear Vinyl Strap & Swivel Spring Clip. Reel Diameter 1-1/ 4 & quot; & quot; Cord Length 34 inches, inner circle 3/4 & quot;

& quot; Features:

50 White Badge Reel W/ Clear Vinyl Strap & Swivel Spring Clip.
P/ N 2120-7608
Full 360 Degree Rotation
Great for Hospitals
Attaches to Nearly Any Part of Any Garment

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