6 Earthy Bling Leaves Headpins Set, Glass Headpins Handmade lampwork glass headpins by Beadfairy Lampwork by Beadfairy

12,00 USD

Gorgeous set of 6 Earthy Bling Leaves (not 5) headpins in ivory and metallic gold.

Made on copper wire 24 gauge. Perfect for making earrings or hangs.
Add a little bling to your precious jewelry!

Kindly permit 7 days to finish after receiving payment. Thank you!

Total length: over 100mm (& quot; & quot; 4)
Bead length: approx. 18mm to 30mm, can vary as they are handmade

The headpins (inclucding the wire) are annealed in the kiln.

Beads are Shipped from Germany 3 days after payment. Please enable 7-14 days to show up.

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