6 fossil barnacle shell pieces (no.32) by treasurehider

13,75 USD

great deal of 6 fossil barnacle shell clumps. these are extremely old – from the miocene epoch (about 23 – 10 million years of ages). blue gray and sandy tan colors. i gathered this lot since the barnacles are so used that they are missing out on the leading or side portions of their shell. i love the angular appearance and the tiny tubular texture at the edges. the barnacles are nearly indistinguishable.

i gathered these along the Calvert Cliffs in Southern Maryland. the Calvert cliffs cover over 30 miles along the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

sizes vary from 1.5 & quot; & quot; to 2.75 & quot; long. use my hand in last couple of image for size comparison. you will receive specific items as in photos.

# 32

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