6 pc Twisted Nylon Cord Necklaces Handmade in USA Black Red Purple Maroon Gold 14 & quot; 16 & quot; 17 & quot; 18 & quot; 19 & quot; 20 & quot; 22 & quot; 24 & quot; 26 & quot; 28 & quot; 30 & quot; Long by QualityCords

6,00 USD

2.5 mm Twisted Nylon cord necklaces, chokers or bracelets. We also bring, Waxed Cotton, Satin, Multi-Strand and Organza cord necklaces.

Your order of 6 pendants will be made by hand in the length and color of your choice.

“” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “‘ “” “” “” “” “” LENGTH: Your option COLOR: Your choice. Colors might differ slightly
due to your display settings MATERIAL:
2.5 mm Twisted Nylon FINDINGS: Silver Plated-Lead. Free -Nickel Free FINISH: Your
option of Silver Plated 3 & quot; CHAIN, & quot; RING END & quot; or & quot; SMALL END & quot; PARTICULARS ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ If we don’t get a note about
your & quot; finish end & quot; choice we will ship in & quot; & quot; Small end & quot; & quot; design. For & quot;

a minimal
time Ring
Ends or extender chains can be included FREE but & quot; only if you & quot; ask. Do not hesitate to leave a note in & quot; & quot; Message to seller & quot; at checkout. Each cord is customizeded so simply send us a note if you want a length that is & quot; not noted, including bracelet lengths, ring end instead of
chains, a mix of colors or lengths or any other special demand you may have. We will do our finest to accommodate your demand at no additional charge LEAD TIME:. We do not make them till you buy them. Existing lead time is 5 working days or less Pendants are made from scratch, they are not & quot; prepared to ship & quot;

processing time depends on variety of internal orders. Orders are processed on a first come

, initially served basis SHIPPING: Shipping is$ 2.50 per & quot; order despite order size,$3 for worldwide sales. Orders of 100 necklaces or more get FREE shipping. We ship via USPS very first class to your Paypal address unless instructed to do otherwise. We use USPS shipment confirmation on every shipment so that you can track it via your paypal account. Concern Mail service is offered for $5.75 if you require concern shipping please send us a message and we will adjust the. delivering cost PAYMENT: Payment is due at time of order. We accept Paypal, RME, Check or Cash order Go to my other shop assortedgoodies.etsy.com Можно buy on Etsy for QualityCords