8 inch YIN YANG unfinished MDF wooden shape by damboisedesigns

8,00 USD

Do you require some zen? Add this wall art to produce some consistency.

This is a listing for one 8 inch yin yang MDF piece. As always, our shapes have keyholes in the back for simple hanging. The little circle has one keyhole.

We can cut any size from about 4 inches approximately 48 inches.

This Yin Yang stands for the ancient Chinese understanding of how things work. The outer circle stands for & quot; & quot; everything & quot;, while the black and white shapes within the circle stand for the interaction of two energies, called & quot; & quot; yin & quot; (black)and & quot; yang & quot; (white), which cause everything to take place. They are not entirely black or white, just as things in life are not totally black or white, and they can not exist without each other.
While & quot; & quot; yin & quot; would be dark, passive, downward, cold, contracting, & quot; and weak, & quot; & quot; yang & quot; would be brilliant, active, up, hot, broadening, and strong. The shape of the yin and yang areas of the symbol, actually provides you a sense of the continuous activity of these two energies, yin to yang and yang to yin, triggering everything to take place: simply as things expand and contract, and temperature modifications from hot to cold.

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