Absolutely Anything Ice-Cream Layer Log

  • Prep Time: 30 mins
  • Total Time: 30 mins
  • Yield: 1tub ice cream
  • About This Recipe

    “My mother-in-law makes this every Christmas, possibly to compensate for the hot lunch in the Australian summer (not that I’d ever complain about her awesome Christmas dinners)! Everyone adores it, and her Christmases are famous for a perfect ending to a perfect meal. When my turn came, each family member put in their lolly/chocolate request for the ice cream. Thankfully she made it.”


  • 1 (2quart) containers vanilla ice cream( or any flavour or s you want)
  • 4 -5ice cream topping, melted and cooled first( peppermint crisps, ripe cherries, crunchie or violet crumble honeycomb, jelly babies, maltesers, tur)
  • Directions

  • Take ice cream out of freezer to soften.
  • Crush your first choice of sweet.
  • Portion the ice cream to however many chocolates or lollies you have.
  • Mix the portioned ice cream and your 1st chocolate together until even.
  • In a large tin, such as a square cake tin or loaf tin (or even empty the ice cream out and use the tub) line with cling wrap, leaving a long end every side (to wrap up when finished) and spoon in your ice cream so it is thick and flat.
  • Put into the freezer in between doing the rest of your lollies.
  • When your layers are complete, wrap tightly with the excess cling wrap and freeze.
  • To serve, pull the log out by the cling wrap and cut on a plate lengthways so you get a bit of each flavoured ice cream.
  • To make patterns on the top of the ice cream, pull the cling wrap so it is crinkled.
  • Serve by itself or with any dessert.
  • Reviews

  • “Perfect for a summer dessert (or a special treat)! My kids LOVED helping me make this! In our family, adding gummy bears to one of the layers was a must! Thanks for the recipe!”

  • “This is so fun and leaves room for endless variations!I used vanilla ice cream, mini chocolate chips, chopped fresh strawberries, marshmallow fluff, and put layers of ice cream syrups in between each – chocolate syrup and caramel.The suggestion to stack it all back in its container to go back in the freezer was GREAT for my tiny freezer.Thanks for sharing!~PAC Spring ’10~”

  • “*Reviewed for PAC Fall ’07* This ice-cream log was really fun to make with my daughters. Too easy. My whole family enjoyed it, especially my husband who had seconds. We used real strawberries (pulped), crushed Cadbury Crunchie bars and Peppermint Crisp bars and chopped fruit flavoured jubes. Great dessert for a special occassion or anytime just for fun. Photo also being posted.”