Accessorizing Like You Never Have Before

Accessorizing Like You Never Have Before

Those who know me can probably all agree that I wear a lot of jewelry. 

It has become a key element of my personal style, and not a day goes by without me wearing some sort of accessory on my body. Rings are definitely my favorite, and I always get excited when I find great turquoise pieces at flea markets to add to my collection.

With all of the jewelry that I own, I find myself being drawn to a few select pieces at a time, and will only wear those until I decide to switch it up. Whatever those pieces are, I like to wear them in as many ways as I can, and sometimes that requires me getting a little creative with the styling.

If you’re tired of wearing the same accessories, or need a little inspiration, here’s a few new ways to style them up!

Down The Back

Wearing a necklace down the back instead of the front is one of the easiest tricks to achieving a different look. I love styling necklaces like this if I’m wearing something up top that is low cut. With a solid color, I’ll go for a more statement making necklace, but if it’s a print, I’ll choose a more delicate one.

Get The Look: Amour Silk Necklace

Times Two

I love doubling up cuff style watches to add a bit more drama to the arm. I really like the way two of our Compass Sundial Cuffs look worn together, and they give a fun twist to the classic time piece. Each one has directions on the back on how to tell time with it, and I love all of the different colors they come in! This look also works well with smaller vintage watches, and sometimes a couple skinny bangles thrown in between doesn’t hurt.

Get the look: Compass Sundial Cuff, Open Crescent Ring

Midi Toe Rings 

Next time you’re looking for a new way to wear midi rings, try wearing some on your toes! Most of the ones we sell are just the right size to be easily transferable from the fingers down to the toes. I like how these chevron shaped ones look paired together on the foot, and it’s the perfect little detail for summer sandal-wearing days!

Get the look: Mix N Match Midi Ring Set, Milano Birkenstock

 1, 2, 3

I have 3 necklaces that I’ve been wearing on rotation separately, and sometimes I decide to wear all of them at the same time. The trick here is to stagger them so they cascade into one another. If you’re working with a material that is easy to tie, you can always transform a long pendant necklace into a shortened version that will lay higher up on the chest. Try wearing pieces that have complementing colors. I love the way the red and the blue stones look together in the above photo.

Get the look: 1+1 Cami, Desert Moon Necklace, Lapis Fringe Necklace, Marie Metal Choker

Bun Cuff

I’ve recently been taking arm cuffs and introducing them to the hair. They are the perfect shape to fit right over top of a high bun, and they add in a little embellishment instead of just seeing a regular hair tie!

Get The Look: Stretch Upper Arm Band

90s Throwback

I love choker style necklaces. It reminds me so much of the era I grew up in, and I’ve recently been wrapping up my longer necklaces to transform them into a choker style. If the length allows it, I’ll wrap once around my head, and wear one layer close to the neck, and let the other hang down. This works well with tassel style necklaces or long, beaded chains.

Get the look: Leather Tassel Pendant

Do you all have any other unique ways you like to accessorize? Let us know in the comments!

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