ADD-ON Leather Lace Leaves by TreadLightGear

25,00 USD

Our Elf wrap moccasins (shown in the images) come standard with loose leaves moved onto the laces. All other moccasins have the choice of including them as an ADD-ON using this listing.Add delegates

the laces of your moccasins, shoes, or perhaps the strap of your purse! We punch a huge hole into the top of each leaf so you have the ability to easily slide them on or off your laces.They are removable
and recyclable! We ' ll send you 10 leaves of different sizes( 1-2 inches )in the colors of your choice.Tell us in the ' Message To Seller”

location what colors 'you would like.AVAILABLE COLORS: Mix of Greens Mix of Browns Red Redwood Red Amber Chocolate Brown Tobacco

Brown Gold Purple Turquoise Forest Environment-friendly Black Cream Sand Можно приобрести на Etsy за TreadLightGear