All Nighter Moustache Wax Tube by MansFaceStuff

5,00 USD

Man’s Face Stuff is handmade moustache wax from the most facial hair friendly city in the world, Portland, Oregon. Each handy tube is filled with .15 oz of our All Nighter wax; perfect for travel or keeping in your pocket for any necessary mid-day touch-ups. Our tubes are also available in Unscented, Gin & Tonic, and Stiff Breeze.

(This item is for only ONE tube, not the entire pile, as pictured)

Finally , after many requests, we have released our most popular scent, the coffee and fresh pipe tobacco scent of All Nighter, in the convenience of the travel-sized tube. It’s the same wax as you’re used to, just with a different delivery method which some folks prefer.

Do your ‘stache a favor and get yourself some Man’s Face Stuff.

About Man’s Face Stuff:

Man’s Face Stuff is a hand-crafted moustache wax manufacturer from Portland, Oregon. We specialize in making quality, weather-resistant, and uniquely wonderful-smelling wax for your, or your loved one’s, facial hair. And it’s not just for moustaches! We also make the somewhat unique product, Beard Balm, to hold down wily strays and keep a full beard smelling and feeling great.

—————- ——
HOW TO APPLY OUR TUBE WAX: Our wax can be applied in the proper way to cover anything from a light, natural hold, all the way to a tight curl.

1. Firstly, we recommend that you comb your moustache to align any stray hairs.
2A. Either rub the wax directly onto your fingertips and proceed to step 3.
2B. If the wax was been in your pocket for a while, it may be soft enough to apply directly on your moustache. Style as you prefer.
3. Rub the wax between your thumb and forefinger until melted and apply to your moustache where desired.
4. (Optional) For those wishing for a more natural, lighter hold, some like to re-comb their moustache after waxing and then re-shape it.
5. Enjoy your moustache!

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