Almond Paste

  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Yield: 1nine inch cake frosting
  • About This Recipe

    “Making almond paste is so simple and to me it tastes fresher than any you can buy”


  • 8ouncesalmonds, blanched and very finely ground( grind them twice)
  • 8ouncesicing sugar
  • 1egg white
  • Directions

  • Grind your almonds.
  • In the second grinding add the sugar.
  • Gradually add your egg white working the mixture vigorously.
  • Use dough hook in mixer or knead on a pastry board.
  • The mixture should be firm& smooth when ready.
  • Reviews

  • “I’m so happy to have this recipe and thankyou for sharing it!”

  • “Bergy, you saved me a fortune!!! I can make twice as much almond paste at half the cost ofa four ounce tube!I stumbled upon this recipe accendently—-a happy surprise!”

  • “Can’t stop eating this easy, tasty almond paste, though I’m supposed to be saving it for a recipe (Lemon Blueberry Upside-Down Cake from “Bon Appetit”, which I found from the Couldn’t be Pareve blog).Delicious and authentic.Agree with a previous reviewer – if you want a really vibrant shot of almond in a recipe, add a touch of extract to the mix.I may do that next time, but for now, it’s wonderful!”

  • “Wonderful and simple!It saved me $10.00 for a measly 7 oz. tube of almond paste.I would add a teaspoon or two of almond extract though for a more robust flavor.”

  • “I’ve though that prepare almond paste would be so easy.
    I blanched the almonds myself the day before. I grinded them with the food processor for a while, added the sugar, processed again, added the egg white and processed shortly until all came together.
    I did not add aromas (almond extract, orange flavor, vanilla, or others) nor food coloring, but next time I know that this would be done very fast and the result is great.
    I shaped roses simply for fun and I can say that it was never so easy to shape them like with this paste. The paste was less fat that the commercial one.
    I notices that the petals dried out a little bit after 1 hour. This is a big advantage if you use this paste for modeling.
    I don’t know if this depends on the almonds, but I suppose this, if this is not desired I suggest adding some (1 teaspoon) of almond oil.
    Thanks a lot; I will use this recipe again for sure.”

  • “I could believe how simple this was to make – I will never buy canned again!used my food processor and added a teaspoon of pure almond extract and it tastes great.Now to make my Italian wedding cookies (aka Venetians or Rainbow cookies).

  • “Wow what a great recipe! Thanks a bunch.I live in a rural area and have been looking for almond paste for 2 weeks.And online it is expensive!This was easy and fast and terrific.”

  • “This worked very well for me.I used it in a cake recipe.”

  • “Brilliant recipe to have on hand! Thank you!”

  • “Bergy, thanks so much for posting this. I wanted to make Bev’s Chocolate-Glazed Coconut-Almond Cake#19190 and I couldn’t find Almond paste in any of the stores near me. I made this for use in the cake and it worked just great!”

  • “I used this when making homemade Danish, Thank you Bergy it was great ..”