Antique Dresser Drawer Pulls, Vintage Handles, Salvage Hardware, Architectural, Brass, Six Sets, Medallions, Flowers, Pressed, Rings, A359 by sybelladesigns

24,00 USD< p class=" description "> 4 Vintage Drawer Pulls< br/ > There are 2 pieces per set or handle, the flat round portion and the ring portion that is significant A359 on back. You’ll get 8 pieces complete for 4 sets or 4 pulls/ manages. There is a flat round medallions pushed with ornate designs and a flower in the center and one ring per set.

These pulls are strong brass. I did not tidy them up considering that I like the aged patina, however they could be polished so they shine

Procedures: about 1-7/ 8 inches size

One screw on the back attaches the pull/ handle to the cabinet or cabinet drawer or whatever you decide to utilize them for.

< br/ > Charming simple design to enhance most any dresser or drawer you have to dress up.

Some have the screws however a couple of are missing out on. Can quickly be changed at the hardware shop.

The last picture shows some classic antique drawer pulls also readily available in my Etsy shop.

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