Antique Letterpress Printers Wood Type Font Mix 150 Letters and Numbers in the Purchase by SalvageNation

225,00 USD

A terrific mix of old printers wood type with letters, a few numbers, a total of 150 pieces in the group.

The size of the pieces vary from 1/4 inch to 3 inches all. The uninked number 4 are the biggest and they are 4 inches.

The only letters not in the mix are K, M and Y, all other letters are in there a minimum of as soon as and many are several times. All vowels exist.

A good group from a printer’s store, all antique and classic letterpress.

There are 50 pieces in the group.
A few of these still bring their ink and print shop dust. You will wish to identify your patina.

International purchases, please call me with your address and we can figure out a really close shipping cost instead of a quote.

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