Antique Miniature Gnome Statue, German Porcelain Imp, White Dwarf Figurine, Early 19th Century Porcelain, Antique by saltandginger

11,00 USD

Awesome mini antique white bisque gnome figurine removed of the ground in Thuringia, Germany near an old toy factory, in an area that likewise produced great porcelain dolls and other little pieces utilized in handcrafted toys of the era. This person is estimated to be from around 1890-1910. Yours will differ a little from the one imagined.

Figure measures about 1.25 & quot; & quot; high and 2.9 & quot; long. Unglazed bisque porcelain with some dirt still revealing. I’ve left this in & quot; & quot; as removed of the ground & quot; & quot; condition but he must tidy up well if you so select.

What to do with him? Keep one in your pocket or at your desk for excellent luck, conceal one in your plants or amongst your books, or bury it in the ground for the next generation to discover – whatever you select to do with them is up to you, but these are guaranteed to bring a little impish enjoyable to your life.

Gnome will come nicely packaged in a muslin bag with a paper that explains its origins – perfect for gifting to a buddy.

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