Antique tea kettle graniteware 1880s thistleware deep blue enamelware large tea kettle wood handle use or display by MattiesMenagerie

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This is a big 5 quart graniteware tea kettle in the thistle pattern. Thistle variates from dark cobalt blue to lighter blue and back to cobalt. Various companies made this pattern, so they differ slightly. Some pieces truly reveal a light blue stripe, this one reveals really little.

The kettle stands 9 & quot; & quot; high to the top of its cover.
It is 13 & quot; & quot; from back to spout.
It is 9 & quot; & quot; in size.
Wood handle.

It has actually been made use of in its life ~ ~ broke and has calcium build up within.

It holds water and can be used right away.

It would look fantastic with spruce bows too.

Have a great day aye!

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