Aqua Blue & Brown Stick Horse, Hobby Horse, Stick Pony, Toy horse, or Stick Horse Head, MADE to ORDER, With or Without Stick by LilsGarden

35,00 USD

This Stick Horse, Pastime Horse, (Dizzy Lizzy) is a deep dark brown with aqua blue rings and dots all over her. Her hair is a coordinating aqua blue and her bridle is a lighter aqua blue with brown dots. Her Eyes are black.

LISTING IS FOR ONE HANDMADE STICK HORSE, With or Without stick. You get to select. USAge fall menu at left before placing your order.
If you have any questions, please continue checking out- I might have your answer below:-RRB- EACH HORSE
is made after it is ordered, unless otherwise significant, so please enable 5 – 10 + days before it is delivered. Times might vary, depending on how numerous orders I have.

IF YOU NEED your order by a specific date- please call me before buying or define in a message to me immediately.

If just horse head is bought (without the stick), a Zip Tie (cable television tie) and basic instructions to attach your very own stick will be included.

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Stick Horses are hand crafted, from my original design and sewn individually, both by hand and by machine, so any stripe, spot, fabric pattern and head shape may differ a little from the one in this picture, however yours will be just as cute, I assure!

The ribbon bridle is detachable and you may choose any color from the other horses for bridle color. Leave a note in the “Note to Seller” box with your option at check out or message me immediately.

Horses are made with cotton fabric, acrylic yarn for the hair, grosgrain ribbon for the bridle, black plastic safety eyes and stuffed with non-allergenic polyester fiber fill.

Stick, if purchased, is a wooden dowel rod.

Materials are sourced in your area.

Head steps 13 “, from nose to end of neck.

I suggest a 1 & quot; & quot; x 36 & quot; wood dowel rod for your stick, but you can use a broomstick cut to fit (Dowel rods and extra Zip Ties can be found at many hardware and craft stores).

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If you would like a stick attached, please choose your Stick Size from the “Add a Stick” options list at left BEFORE contributing to cart or you may not have the ability to select afterwards. If this happens, message me right away and I will send you an additional listing to cover the stick and shipping.

Default Option is Head Only and I will assume this is exactly what you desire unless you message me immediately. (USA orders only Please. International orders see below).

If you have any questions, Please message me before you order. I will be pleased to respond to:-RRB- STICK SIZES
30 & quot; & quot; Brief stick ~ works well for ages 4 and under ~ specifically with guidance as they are still mastering the art of walking:-RRB- 36

& quot; Regular Stick ~ works well for ages 5 and up.

Delivering times are extended up to 10 days for horses with sticks. Please strategy accordingly when purchasing for unique events.

Contact me with any concerns and I’ll enjoy to provide you a price quote!

The stick is an incomplete 1 & quot; & quot; X 36 & quot; or 30 & quot; wood dowel rod.
it’s color is an extremely light beige or natural in color and will be sanded.

A neck band of ribbon will be contributed to stick orders.

If you have to buy 4 or more Horses with sticks, Please call me prior to ordering for a shipping estimate. Please include Postal code. I will be happy to make you a special listing with the right shipping charges.

See Shipping & Polices page for more shipping info.

* As constantly, Please Monitor you kid at all times while they are mastering the art of Stick Horse Riding:-RRB-==

==================== ==========DEMONSTRATION VIDEO
on adding the stick can be discovered here: -stick-horses/ demo-video/

(hint: copy and paste above link into your internet browser)

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* Suggested for youngsters 4 years of age and over because of the plastic eyes and loose ribbon reins.

* please make use of parental supervision at all times.

See shop policies for shipping information.

* Each monitor varies in screen of color so please read the color description.

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PS PLEASE CHECK YOUR ETSY MESSAGES AGAIN WITHIN 1 Day in case I have a question about your order. This is our only kind of communication.
Thank you:-RRB- ============================== ====================

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2015 by Lillian Davis

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