Baked Salmon

Baked Salmon

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 35 mins
  • Servings: 2
  • About This Recipe

    “Good with rice pilaf and a salad”


  • 1lbsalmon fillet
  • 2tablespoonsmayonnaise
  • 1teaspoonlawry’s lemon pepper
  • 1tablespoonparmesan cheese
  • 1cupdry breadcrumbs
  • Directions

  • Preheat oven to 350°F.
  • Fillet salmon and place skin side down on a glass baking dish.
  • Spread a generous amount of mayonnaise; cover entire top of fish.
  • Sprinkle liberally with seasoned salt, cheese and dry bread crumbs.
  • Bake about 25 to 30 minutes, uncovered.
  • Place under broiler until top turns brown.
  • Reviews

  • “This was delicious, the mayo gave the salmon a lovely taste, and the topping had a great ‘crunch’ to it.=)”

  • “This recipe is absolutley delicious! The original recipe was great, the crunchy topping was so good.”

  • “This recipe is so easy, and a keeper that I will make again and again.I used fresh wild Sockeye salmon, which is in a whole different league from other salmon. If you haven’t tried it, please do, it will change your perception of salmon. I used panko bread crumbs and turned on the broiler for the last few minutes to brown the top a bit before plating. Really super super yummy.”

  • “Made this more than once.Always a “go to” recipe when I need something fast and healthy.I use low fat mayo or Miracle Whip and can’t taste the difference.Easy to make. Also use the Costco salmon fillets.Make sure your fillets are skinless.Great recipe.”

  • “Had a little over a pound of fresh sock-eye salmon and wanted to try something quick, both my hubby and I loved the taste of the fish with those ingred. on it!! The only thing I did diff., I used panko bread crumbs… made it crunchy!!”

  • “Delicious! So quick and easy to put together. I didn’t have lemon pepper but I squeezed some lime over the fish and sprinkled it with salt and pepper before adding the other ingredients and it was wonderful. Thanks!”

  • “Very good. I made the recipe as directed using 3/4 pounds of slmon. The salmon was a tad bit dry.”

  • “This came out perfectly cooked and moist. I rubbed minced garlic on the salmon and sprinkled on the lemon pepper before adding the mayo. I left off the parmesan because my husband isn’t a fan. I turned on the broiler at the end to brown the breadcrumbs. Fabulous! I will be making this again.”

  • “Terrible. Might be great for people who don’t like the taste of salmon. The mayo was over-powering, and the bread crumbs completely unnecessary.
    Salmon does not need to be breaded. Period.”

  • “This was pretty good. I was a little confused as the ingredients say lemon pepper but the directions call for seasoned salt. Since I hate anything that smells like lemon I used the seasoning salt. I ate the left overs the next day and it was just as good as the first day.
    Made for Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup.”

  • “Found this recipe on Pinterest and decided to try it out.It was delicious and a nice alternative to grilling salmon.I would definitely make this again; using cajun seasoning instead of lemon-pepper.”

  • “My husband yummed his way through dinner. He doesn’t love fish but he loved this. I thought I had lemon pepper but did not so left it out. I think I would have liked it but it wasn’t missing anything without it. I used Italian bread crumbs so that gave us some nice flavor. I look forward to the lemon pepper next time (there will be many next times). I served this with twice baked potatoes and green beans. It was a very simple and delicious meal as the frozen potatoes went in at the same temp and time as the fish. This could go with just about any side…any potato dish (that I can think of) would work, rice (any flavor), pasta (with a red sauce or a white sauce)…oh, I think next time I’ll serve it with my alfredo (it’s on this site but I won’t link) w. lemon pepper pappardelle and green peas…see, anything will work which takes a load off of menu planning. Thanks for posting this great recipe. I’ll make it again and again.”

  • “I expected more from this recipe after reading all the glowing reviews but I really didn’t care much for it.The mayo taste clashes with the salmon and I didn’t think the crumbs added anything.Sorry but I won’t be making this again.”

  • “Was a tad reluctant to cover with mayo, since I rarely use it on anything, but this did provide a truly tasty and elegant looking dish !We had had lunch at a French restaurant this week, so placed the fillets over baby salad greens lightly sprinkled with Meyer lemon Viniagrette.Followed directions as stated, baked for 25 minutes and broiled for 2.Thanks for posting, Tonkcats.”

  • “This was excellent.I didn’t have any lemon pepper seasoning and like a kick so I used some Cajun seasoning instead.Will definitely make again.”

  • “Great.A new take on salmon that everyone will love.I too used lemon pepper seasoning.”

  • “This was a really good recipe for salmon. I was out of breadcrumbs, so I substituted a mixture of crushed saltine and cheese crackers.There was just enough additional flavor.I’ll definitely use this one again.”

  • “tried this tonight and it was excellent! the salmon (defrosted) was very tender and is open to endless variations in the topping. i used savoury cookies (tomato and basil), bread crumbs and parmesan.”

  • “I tried this recipe and it was so tasty. My teenage son who hates fish loved it! Will keep this one for sure. I used italian breadcrumbs and meat seasoning..i didnt havelemon pepper. I made this with white rice and green beans. Now if my son would only eat green beans..”