BBQ Chicken and Rice

BBQ Chicken and Rice

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 50 mins
  • Servings: 4-6
  • About This Recipe

    “My mom used to make this. It’s incredibly easy and very tasty.”


  • 1 (12ounce) jars barbecue sauce( “KC Masterpiece Hickory” is great, so is “Famous Dave’s”)
  • 4chicken breasts
  • 2cupsrice
  • 4cupswater
  • Directions

  • Pour BBQ Sauce into pan, fill the empty bottle with tap water (or something fancier if you’re”that way”) and pour about half of it into the pan as well.
  • Stir until blended over low-medium heat.
  • Add thawed chicken.
  • Cook chicken and sauce while stirring over medium heat until chicken is done, then turn down to low.
  • Keep an eye on it and add more water from the bottle if needed.
  • For rice, just add rice and water to a pan with a tight-fitting lid, bring to a boil, stir for a minute, and cook at medium heat for 30 minutes while COVERED.
  • when everything’s done, pile it on a plate and eat it up.
  • Sometimes I add a dash or two of”Kick-Yo-Ass” hot-sauce for a little spice.
  • Reviews

  • “This is sooo good!Everyone in my family of 6 like it, which definitely says something!It’s very rare to find something that everyone likes, plus its so easy!I only add about half the bottle of water, this helps keep the sauce a bit thicker for sauce with the rice.Thanks for sharing!”

  • “Great recipe! I like it mainly because I don’t have time to make my own sauce and buying it from the store is faster. I substituted mashed potatoes instead of rice, but it was delicious!”

  • “Easy and tasty!Thanks!”

  • “The chicken was moist and flavorful.I served it with buttery smashed potatoes, and a roasted corn and tomato salad.Delicious, thank you!”

  • “mmmmmmmm will definitely be making this again -so delicious yet so simple -cut recipe in half as there’s just 2 of us and after cooking chicken for 30 min covered – cooked uncovered for approx 15 – 20 min (until sauce thickened)”

  • “Very good!!!”

  • “top stuff!! like you said nice and esy, but yummy – i used peri peri bbq sauce and that did the trick! thanks”

  • “This was excellent!! I made it with boneless chicken breasts and used Jack Daniel’s Honey Smokehouse BBQ sauce and it turned out great.My mom loved it too.I also made some baked beans to go with it.Thanks for this great and easy recipe!”

  • “I used breast tenders- and I did not think that the chicken really absorbed the bbq the way I expected it to.I think this recipe needs some veggies- or maybe a different bbq flavor (I used KC with A1 added) – I must add that my very picky 2 year old LOVED this dish.I will try again with bone in and a longer cooking time as well as a different sauce.”

  • “I stumbled upon this recipie and just happened to have everything I needed so I tried it.I used honey bbq sauce and already cooked chicken breasts.I added kc masterpiece grill seasoning to the rice for extra spice.My husband said that it’s a cool way to get bbq chicken without the messy fingers!”

  • “This is exactly what my mother used to make and one day I finally asked “how do you make it? Its so good!!” and she laughed and told me how.I can’t believe something so easy would be so delicious!!The best though, is to use bone-in chicken pieces as it releases even more flavor.I always use bone-in thighs and the breast meat with ribs portions when I make this. It only takes about 30minutes for the meat to cook but if you leave it for another 20-30 minutes the meat will fall off the bone and be even better!! At the end if you find the sauce too runny just turn up the heat to let some of the water evaporate and you will end up with a thick and lovely sauce.he he he and if you have a rice cooker, the rice is even easier to cook!! I think steamed Japanese or Korean rice is the best for this dish. “

  • “This got a bigt 5 STAR review from my family. My husband really loved it. I think next time I make it I’ll use a little less water for a thicker sauce. I used KC Masterpiece and it was delicious! The chicken took about 30 minutes to cook. I also used instant white rice, so ignored the rice part of this recipe. This was a delicious recipe that we’ll be making time and time again!”