Berlingots Variety Sampler by FusionSweets

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Berlingots are back by popular demand!

Hand-pulled and twisted simply like candies from the 1800s.

A standard French candy, now readily available in revitalizing seasonal tastes.

Colors and flavors will differ from those envisioned.

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What is it?

Berlingots are a sort of difficult candy from France.

Popular throughout the 19th and early 20th century, there are just a handful of sweet stores that still make these by hand.

All our berlingots are pulled, twisted, cut, and covered by hand.

This range bag is a terrific way to attempt lots of various flavors at one time!

Our flavors list will change seasonally.

Corn syrup complimentary
Dairy products totally free
Nut totally free
Soy free
Egg totally free

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Exactly what’s new?

We have actually heard your feedback and made some changes according to your requests.

Smaller sized pieces so they’re easier to kip down your mouth without cutting your tongue.
Sweets are now individually wrapped. This indicates you do not have to worry about them sticking together.
Candies will certainly stay fresh longer. We’ve altered the product packaging to puncture proof foiled lined zipper bags.

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2015 Flavor List

You will get some of the following flavors in your sampler:

Mango lime
Guava lemongrass
Mango strawberry
Strawberry lemonade
Lemon peach
Strawberry increased
Rose almond
Orange bloom

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How much will I get?

Each bag contains 3.5 oz of individually covered berlingots. That has to do with 25 pcs.

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