Black Cherry Yogurt Leather / Taffy Bites – 2 oz. – GREAT for you AND your dog by BeezersBistro

4,00 USD Very merely -black cherry yogurt dried into yogurt & quot; leather or yogurt & quot; taffy & quot; which is then cut into pieces making for much easier on-the-go snacking.

You will receive 2 oz.- 1 oz is agent of the photo. Please click the & quot; & quot; Shipping & Policies & quot; tab for shipping times and rates.

My dried yogurt will last (if you can) at least 6 months. If you lie in warmer environments, refrigeration is recommended to guarantee freshness.

< br/ > Yogurt leather is perfect for any outdoor activity (hikes, cycling, snowboarding, kayaking), long drives or just anytime snacking. You can even share our yogurt with your favorite pooch. My canines enjoy it!

< br/ > I hope you enjoy your purchase and will come back for more. If you have demands for a specific taste, by all means send me a discussion.

< br/ > Likewise if you need the precise active ingredients of the yogurt, just send me a message.

Enjoy!! Beezer’s Bistro|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

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