Black Polaroid Camera Pronto SX-70 & Eletronic Flash – Film Tested Working by ForgottenCharm

< p class=" rate "> 50,00 USD This is great camera and flash combo! I have tested it with Color Shade Impossible Job Movie. It is in exceptional working condition. I have actually tested it with older Color Shade SX-70 Impossible Task Film, which produces a beautiful faded picture.

The cam is almost totally black with an intense red button. I have actually cleaned up the camera and lens with rubbing alcohol and a lot of Q-tips and cotton balls. The outside has a few little scratches on the sides, however they do not detract from the electronic camera. I have actually examined and cleaned the rollers and moving parts in the cam. This electronic camera still has the view finder. Many older Polaroids have long lost it, however this one is still undamaged! I have taken some images with this video camera and they are quite great! I generally took pictures inside your home with a flash. The last photo is of a Polaroid I took with this camera.

The flash is in good condition and has been tested with this specific cam and they work splendidly together. It is produced by ITT Magic. The within the battery compartment has actually been cleaned up out. I have actually replaced the batteries inside with 4 fresh double A batteries. The electronic flash takes care for the requirement to constantly be buying flash bars which are no longer being made. I have taken some photos with this cam and they are pretty fantastic! I primarily took pictures inside with the flash. The last imagine shown was taken with this cam.

Cam History: Polaroid SX-70 Pronto! Non-folding:

Produced: 1976-1977/ Original Retail: $ 66.00 Electronic shutter
Programmed car direct exposure;. Long direct exposures possible on most if not all models
Has Flashbar socket for flash; accessory electronic flashes were likewise offered
3-element 116mm f/ 9.4 plastic lens. Lens on late-production designs is color-coated.
Minimum focus 3 ft.
Front-cell focusing with focus scale on lens ring.
Black plastic body.

< Br/ >< br/ > You can find movie from the Difficult project in Black and White and in Color

https:// the-impossible-project
. com I would also go over their individual sites that discuss the film itself. I went through a lot of movie prior to I began to get the hang of it. I would read the following: https:// shop.the-impossible

Please let me know if you have any concerns.

**** All my & quot; movie tested & quot; video cameras are checked with real film, and not an empty movie cartridge to see if it powers up and goes through the motions. I am making sure that everything works (shutter, mechanics, spreader bars, etc.), and that the pictures come out and are able to develop. Movie is not inexpensive so that is why the cams are a little bit more pricey than some other shops. I am providing you the peace of mind that the video camera is definitely going to work when you put unused movie in it! ***

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