Bronze Rose Stem Sculpture Symbol of Enduring Love – Single Stem by inkjewelry

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A friend when stated I hate it when my enthusiast purchases me roses. The beauty so short lived and so much cash. It happened to me that the beauty actually is not in the rose petals even the thorns. A symbol of withstanding love even through challenging times.

In solid bronze we’ve cast real rose originates from Ina’s yard, thorns and all. They are a symbol of the appeal of a relationship that lasts. Not simply through the easy times but the difficult ones too. The ideal bronze Eighth Anniversary gift.They are meant to push a rack, or to grace a little vase, or perhaps tucked away in the back of a drawer. You choose!


Likewise readily available in our listings is a bundle of four various stems a best present for someone special even if that someone is you!

ONE Bronze Rose Stem (approx 4-6 inches) present boxed
each stem is distinct, patina will certainly vary naturally from stem to stem.
For less than the cost of a lots fresh roses you could have a lots solid bronze increased stems, a gorgeous gift for a lifetime passed on for generations!


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& quot; & quot; Numerous thanks to Ina and Kristin! I placed my order on June 4, and I received it June 8. The devices was precisely what I anticipated. Yay! & Quot; & Quot; -SS Very good
looking bronze rose stems. Distinct and unusual. – GG

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