• Prep Time: 24 hrs
  • Total Time: 24 hrs 15 mins
  • Servings: 4-6
  • About This Recipe

    “This marinade originated in Korea. It is sweet and salty. Very satisfying and even the most anti-Asian food people will eat it if you call it something like ‘hot jerky’ or what ever.”


  • 1/2 cup olive oil or 1/2 cupsesame oil
  • 2cupssoy sauce
  • 1cupbrown sugar
  • 2 1/2 cupstoasted sesame seeds
  • 2tablespoonsvinegar( apple cider or rice wine is best)
  • 2lbs beef (think beef jerky) or 2lbspork, cut into strips( think beef jerky)
  • minced garlic
  • minced scallion( to make a spicy version add crushed red pepper flakes to taste)
  • Directions

  • Mix all the above ingredients in a shallow dish and refrigerate over night. (if there isn’t enough liquid add more soy sauce).
  • Remove meat from the marinade. Barbeque or pan fry.
  • Serve with rice and stir fried veggies.
  • Reviews

  • “I tried this for a dinner party and it was the most popular item on the menu.It had a very good flavor and was simple to prepare and cook.I would highly recommend it as everyone at the party commented on it (and every last piece was gone!).”

  • “If my boys can’t get enough, you know this has got to be good!I sliced a small pork roast very thinly and let it marinate for two days (not intentionally, we went out to eat so put these on hold.)I didn’t have scallions so added a bit of onion powder.Fried them in a pan at a fairly high heat so they would brown a bit.Angela, this is definitley a winner here!!!”

  • “F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!I made this marinade this afternoon and used it on tofu instead of meat and it was absolutely delicious!!My boyfriend who is suspicious of anything more authentically asian that sweet and sour chicken DEVOURED it!I used toasted flax seeds instead of sesame because that’s what I had in the house and they gave it a great nutty flavor, mmmm… THANK YOU!”

  • “My family always loved going our for Korean food.So I was thrilled to find this recipe.Flavor is wonderful.We all loved it and will be making this again and again.Only thing I will change next time is will cut down amount of toasted sesame seeds.Just too many for all our taste.”

  • “Wow, very very delicious! Will make often thanks!”

  • “I did the “quick version” of this recipe, and cooked the meat after just a couple hours marinating time. I used it in a stir fry, so first I cooked it for a couple minutes, then I removed it from the pan and did the veggies. I added the meat back in along with some of the marinade and a bit of hoisin sauce. Wonderful stirfry that sent us all back for seconds.”

  • “Everyone in my family devoured these – which is a rare occurance, believe me. I broiled the meat slices, which seemed to work fine. I served this with toothpicks as part of an appetizer night. Now I need to find a way to “low carb” it so it can appear on the menu more often!”

  • “I work as a cook at a rehab center.I served the bulgoki to the clients and it was a major hit. Thepans were scraped clean”