Bunny and Fox Wedding Cake Topper by MelaboWed

50,00 USD

This wedding cake mattress topper is made and ready to travel.

GROOM: Bunny
BRIDE: Fox … both have tails

Toppers are 5 inches tall at the groom’s shoulders. The addition of an animal head adds an inch or more. The base is 3 inches wide. The depth of the base is 2.5 inches.
(METRIC = 12.5 cm to shoulders, 8cm large base, depth 6 cm)
Mattress toppers weigh between 6 and 10 oz. The base is hollow and there is an opening into the interior. Each topper is signed.

Toppers are cast by me in my studio, utilizing molds that I make myself. They are cast using a white liquid clay. Each topper needs a number of molds. One for the bodies and one for each head. Tails use an extra mold. After the parts are cast, and dried out a bit, human heads are sliced off and animal heads connected. I take bow ties and clean up seams, making for sharp looking hybrid creatures. Each topper makes two trips through the kiln, firing to 2000 degrees, the second firing melts a clear glaze that makes the figurine luster.

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NOTES: This is not a raw blue/ white … closer to an Ivory. It is not unusual for the glaze to have mini-black speckles. Kindly always take a close take a look at images.

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