Butterfly Cat Collar – Pink and Purple Butterflies – Small Cat / Kitten Size or Large Size by Pugs2Persians

8,99 USD

This cat collar is handmade making use of strengthened cotton and top-notch contoured hardware.
Enhanced cotton makes an excellent collar product due to the fact that it is soft, light, along with tough. It is likewise device washable which all pet owners know is a & quot; & quot; have to have! & Quot;. We use breakaway clips on our feline collars for your kitty’s security. If you insist on a non-breakaway collar I can make one custom-made for you if you contact me. The bell can easily be gotten rid of if you prefer.

These huge cat collars are: 9 & quot; & quot; -15 & quot; long and 3/8 & quot; broad and the little cat & quot; collars are 6.5 & quot; -10 & quot; long and 3/8 & quot; broad. I can also make anything in a custom-made length. Just send me a message for information on custom-made work.

This collar comes either a bell or a charm.

We estimate that the plus size generally fits all adult cats and the little fits most tiny cats and kittens under 10 pounds but we recommend that you determine your feline’s neck with a soft tape measure to be sure.

For your animal’s security we suggest that you monitor your pet while using any family pet products and cease usage if you discover any kind of damage to the hardware or the straps.

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