BWB Magnificent and Endearing Vintage Venus with Playful Cupid OVAL Cab Wedgewood Inspired (1) 40MM by Beadwyfe

5,00 USD

This is a genuinely stunning and stunning cabochon, not just for it’s intense and rich cerulean blue color however likewise for the classical subject matter.
Revealed here is not your ordinary mother and kid, this is Venus with her angel infant Cupid. She is seated on a cushion, gripping the wrist of Cupid as though restraining a naughty little child. [all right. that’s my interpretation; yours may be slightly various; *)]
Surrounding the pair are signs of love, the main company of our couple. 2 lovebirds offer each other a peck on the left side corner, and beside Cupid is a lot of flowers and a butterfly, the characteristic of Psyche his future amore.

This is rather Wedgewood pottery motivated, however the themes are etched ‘in’, rather than being sculptural and popping out, and they are repainted white on slightly variegated glass.

Measures about 40mm in length and 30mm in height, it has an internal facing beveled edge.

Lot is for 1 piece.

** See my other listing, coming soon, of another neo-classical Venus and Cupid in a sideways round format, displayed in the last image.

The edges of the etching may seem really ragged in a few of the photos. This is not actually the case.
The pictures are Very bigger and show every information, which is great since I always strive for full disclosure on all my products. Nevertheless, these are barely noticeable with the naked eye. Simply as an example, the little cupid is just 1/2 & quot; & quot; in length, about the size of a lady’s thumbnail.

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