Car Seat Cover Up Canopy Tent PDF Pattern Tutorial by everydaychic

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PDF Pattern for Child Automobile Seat Cover Up by Everyday Chic

Now you can make use of the very same pattern that we use for our items that are offered in boutiques, shows, and on our site!

This is the ideal infant gift for someone that has everything.

Such a simple concept but a must-have for any baby! The safety seat cover up enables you to entirely cover your automobile seat without the use of blankets that have the tendency to slip off. Now you can cover up your baby while maintaining your fantastic fashion sense.
• Keeps strangers from touching your new little one
• Provides protection from the cold and rain
• Provides shade during the summertime (while offering proper ventilation, of course!)
• Keeps germs off of child during the cold and flu season
• Lowers distractions to let an exhausted child sleep
Pattern will be emailed to you as a PDF within 12 hours (though typically much quicker!) of payment.
Pattern includes in-depth directions with lots of color pictures to lead you step by step.

** Please note- this is for the pattern only. DIY kits and material are noted separately in our shop. ** Pattern will certainly be emailed to you after payment is confirmed. Copyright of Everyday Chic.

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