Cashmere Baby Blanket Patchwork Quilt Pink Baby Blue Yellow Cotton Flannel by ohthisnose

70,00 USD

This patchwork child quilt is a mix of luxurious upcycled cashmere, wool, and flannel – so, so soft and warm. It has fluffy wool batting inside for additional heat, all cashmere spots in infant blue, strawberry pink, and pale yellow on the top, and the support is a super soft cotton flannel in a fantastic shade of matching pink. It was bound in a purple cotton velveteen. This quilt was machine pieced and hand-quilted with variegated thread.

This quilt procedures: 34.5 & quot; & quot;(87.5 cm) x 37.5 & quot; & quot; (95 cm)

Wash in tepid water carefully and dry flat.

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