Chawton Cottage Christmas in Red. Art Print. Jane Austen. by mashalaurence

10,00 USD

This Christmas scene is of Chatown Home, a location in which Jane Austen composed the majority of her books.

This listing is for an art print determining 5×7 inches. The print is done on matte paper. It will concern you in a plastic envelope to protect it up until you find an ideal frame.

If you would like your prints covered in Antique Fashionista brown paper bundle sealed with my unique red wax seal and a hand composed note connected, you can purchase this choice here for only $ 3.50:

You can see Jane herself in the entrance, inviting her buddies for a comfortable Christmas night
As Jean K. Bowden, then curator of Jane Austen Home Museum stated & quot;& quot;. Chawton Home was Jane Austen’s last house – she concerned live there in July of 1809 with her mother, her sis Cassandra and their buddy Martha Lloyd. She stayed there till just 2 months before her death in July 1817. So she was just there for eight years, but because time she wrote 3 major books – Mansfield Park, Emma and Persuasion, and she got Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice revised and released & quot;&

quot;. This print is a little various from the & quot; & quot; White & quot; variation of the exact same scene I have done in the past, it is less authentic, for in the days of Jane Austen the cottage was really covered with white plaster, however if you go to Chawton now, you will discover the home in simple red brick.

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