Christmas Rum Balls(Or Bourbon Balls)

Christmas Rum Balls(Or Bourbon Balls)

  • Prep Time: 20 mins
  • Total Time: 20 mins
  • Serves: 24,Yield: 2dozen
  • About This Recipe

    “These balls are so quick and easy to make. They make a nice addition to the baked goodies that you give as gifts. Make these about a week before you want to serve them as they mellow and the sharp strong alcohol taste blendsin more with the other ingredients. Store in a tin with a tight lid.This year I couldn’t find the Vanilla wafers so I used chocolate and I like them even more.To form the balls I use two teaspoons as the dough is quite moist.I store them in the freezer – they don’t go hard and they are so good ice cold”


  • 2 1/2 cupsvanilla wafers, crushed( a 250g box of Christies vanilla wafers equals 2 1/2 cups)
  • 2tablespoonscocoa
  • 1 1/4 cupsicing sugar
  • 1/2 cup spiced rum (the rum is called Spiced Rum) or 1/2 cupBourbon
  • 2tablespoonswhite corn syrup( one brand is Karo)
  • 1cup pecans or 1cupwalnuts, broken
  • Directions

  • Sift the cocoa with 1 cup sugar.
  • Stir in the spiced rum mixed with the syrup.
  • Add crushed vanilla wafers and nuts.
  • Mix thoroughly.
  • Shape mixture into walnut sizes balls and dredge with remaining sugar or leave them plain.
  • Store in a tin.
  • Reviews

  • “Fantastic! Not only are these both fast and easy to make, but the taste is terrific. Two comments: 1) I used a one-inch scoop and my yield was 40 rum balls; and 2) I’d recommend chilling the mixture for 15-30 mins before forming balls as it makes the process easier. Bergy, I’ll be making these EVERY Xmas.”

  • “I just finished a double batch and they are wonderful. I’m sure after they set a couple days they will be even better. The refridgeration for 30 min. made forming the balls much easier. I used brandy, only because that is what I prefer. This recipe was fast, easy, and I definitely plan on making them again. I will be putting them out for X-mas before dinner.”

  • “I made one substitutefor the rum I used cocoa liquer….yum!”

  • “These were VERY tasty and very easy to make! Pay attention to the “let them mellow for about a week”-it could not be more true! Most people forget or don’t know that and are disappointed because the rum flavor is too strong.These rum balls need to “season” for at least a week, so plan ahead! I let mine sit in the fridge in a container for at least a week (and have made these weeks ahead of time and put them in the freezer – they don’t harden!) and they come out lovely! I made two different versions of these this year: I used Nabisco Chocolate Wafer cookies and Malibu Rum (coconut rum); I also used vanilla wafers with Bailey’s Irish Creme.They both were HUGE hits! Thanks for posting!! :)”

  • “I have been using this same recipe for years.Everyone loves them.I also add a little extra rum just for the reaction.”

  • “The alcohol was a little strong for our taste so next time I will not add as much but other than that they were simply delicious!!SUPER easy to make and even better tasting.I did leave the top off the container and the alcohol did evaporate some.YUM good!”

  • “These are great.Very easy, very tasty.I did store mine in the fridge so they would harden up some.Also, I must have made mine small because I got 3 dozen instead of 2. “

  • “Great recipie! During the first batch, everyone said the liquour was too strong (I used burbon instead of rum- so this may be the problem) Not to worry- next batch, I cut the burbon in 1/2, doubled the syrup & sugar, and they turned out great! Thanks for the great idea:) “

  • “More than anything, I wanted Rum Balls for me for this Christmas season.I was lazy, and stuck all the dry ingredients in the food processor and whirled them around until they were all good. Then I mixed the corn syrup and Rum in a bowl and added the dry ingredients.These are perfect, easy and just like the rum balls I remember having when I was growing up. This is the real deal, both easy and delicious.Thank you! Have added this to my cookbook!”

  • “Tasty! These are great, and let me preface that with the fact that I messed up all over the place.See, I started out making this one recipe–and I ground up 4oz dark chocolate with 1cup powdered sugar, then I realized that I actually was supposed to use granulated sugar, so I used that ground up chocolate and powdered sugar for these and just didn’t add the cocoa.Then, I used amaretto and almonds instead of rum and pecans–delicious! I used Lennie’s suggestion of refrigerating the dough before shaping and it was a breeze! Dredged them in powdered sugar to finish, and they just look great. Did I mention that this is my first time making these? Great recipe, fool proof.Love it!”

  • “I’m halfway through making these…have it all mixed together and am chilling it before I roll them.I tasted a little bit, and though I will definitely let them mellow, I can tell how delicious they will be.I’m making them for Christmas/my father’s birthday, and I know he’ll be thrilled.”

  • “Great recipe!A little too strong for me, but I’ll just adjust the alcohol next time.I even used splenda rather than icing sugar and they came out good.”

  • “Wow, wow, wow!These are awesome!I noticed in the reviews that some thought there was too much rum, so I decreased the rum to 1/3 cup, topped the measuring cup up to 1/2 with the corn syrup and added the extra 2 tbsps. corn syrup too.They were just perfect for us.I chilled the batter before forming; I also used a wet tablespoon measure to form the balls and had no problems.Everyone loved these rum balls!”

  • “These were simple and quick to make and taste great!”

  • “Mmmm!These are very tasty…and easy, too!I chilled mine as the other reviewers had suggested, and it worked wonderfully.I’ll definitely be making up a batch for Christmas.”

  • “GREAT! I used the cocoa liquer instead, had to make 3 batches for everyone. Easy, Easy. Thanks for posting this.”

  • “Loved these great adults treats.I made 2 batches.
    1) with Pecan Rum
    2) Pennslyvania Dutch Egg Nog..New editions to my Sweet Treat gift trays.”

  • “I accidentally added ALL the sugar in the mix.No worries.Alcohol amount is fine – you need to let these mellow for a week.What’s the point if you reduce the alcohol – they should have a little kick.I chilled before rolling into the minny balls.”

  • “Forgot to sign my review…..Vancouver, Canada”

  • “I will have to give this recipe another try. I printed the recipe and didn’t read the tips on chilling them for awhile. They came out very wet and weren’t making very nice balls. I added about a cup more powdered sugar to try to fix the consistancy, but they weren’t quite right and just tasted ok. Based on the other reviews, I will give it another shot though. Thanks! “