COLETTE, Le FRENCH KISS Series, Hand Painted pillow, Paris, Parisian women, sage green, Eiffel Tower, beret, gift for her, French quote by priscillamae

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The & quot; & quot; LE FRENCH KISS & quot; series features three lovely Parisian women at various stages of their lives. They fulfill each Saturday early morning at Les Deux Magots for their café au lait and a chance to talk about their lives. It seems the conversation constantly counts on enjoy. Love changes for ladies at various stages of their lives.

COLETTE has had a number of likes in her life but some of those relationships ended in dissatisfaction. She has actually decided to focus her energies on her career as an understudy to a famous designer. Since she savors her flexibility as a single lady, Colette delights in an enthusiastic and lively technique to love … on her terms.

The Colette HAND PAINTED pillow is 8 & quot; & quot; X 8 & quot; in size and includes an acrylic stand so that Colette might sit in your bookcase with all your preferred mementos of Paris. The background of the pillow is sage green and in back of Colette, you see the notorious Eiffel Tower. Colette is wearing a black beret with two rhinestones on the brim. She is likewise using the famous French striped tee shirt. There is a rhinestone at the top of the Eiffel Tower that will certainly advise you of the light program you loved at the top of every hour during the Parisian night.

There are 3 girls in the Le French Kiss series. Buy one or buy them all as a collection or a happy memory of your newest trip to Paris.

On the back of the pillow is a quote that was stated by the famous writer Colette about how you get a man to fall for you.
& quot; & quot; A LITTLE PERFUME

& quot; The Colette hand pillow comes gift covered in clear cello with a black grosgrain ribbon and a swish of black tulle at the top. Could present giving be any much easier?

Copyright: priscilla mae et al

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