Collage Embellished Gift Box Coordinated to Match Your Gift by GardenOfWeedinGirl

2,00 USD

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‘¯ ¸. $ – º °|||||||May I make your gift special for you?||||||
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° º – $ Sending your purchase as a present? … Short on time? … Desired a & quot; & quot; special & quot; present

box? Your purchase can pertain to you currently present boxed, prepared for providing. Including a magnificently decorated box gives each present a best individual touch. Contribute to your cart with your purchase and I will develop a distinct box creatively produced specifically for each individual pin, hair stick, or shawl pin that you’re gifting.

This listing is for one collage decorated box. Lovely iridescent shreds keep your pin safe. And for the Pièce de résistance, tied up with a coordinating ribbon! Given that each box is specific and distinct the images provided here are some EXAMPLES to give you an idea of how your gift might look.

If you would like multiple boxes, please add the preferred amount to your cart. If you’ve acquired multiple items please define at checkout which products you would like present boxed.

If you would like for me to send your present, and you have a particular note you wish to include please enter it in the “Notes from Purchaser”. Please specify the correct mailing address of your recipient.

♥ PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: This product is planned for clients of my shop to order ALONG WITH their pin, hair stick, or shawl pin just.

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