Colorful Shoreline Houses Sailboats Sailing Whimsical Original Folk Art Painting by reniebritenbucher

129,00 USD Colorful, whimsical coastline is the backdrop for sailboats on blue water.

< br"/ > This is” 20″wide x 10 “high, on gallery covered canvas with the sides painted, so all set to hang.

< br/ > This is an original art painting done on stretched, gallery wrapped canvas. The painting extends around the sides (sides are painted), so that you can hang it, right from the box. No framing is needed, unless you opt to do so. It would be a terrific addition to your art collection.

< br/ > IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A DIFFERENT SIZE, I Can Possibly Do IT! I more than happy to reproduce this painting in any size as a commission! Please contact me for more details.

* Please keep in mind that many of my paintings are done “”as needed” “so please allow roughly 10 days to 2 weeks (depending upon the number of orders before you) for conclusion. If you remain in a rush, please let me understand! Thanks!

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