Cosette and Marius Broadway Musical Inspired Altered Cup and Saucer Set by LithiasCreations

38,00 USD

A traditional Power Couple!

One of my favorite musicals of perpetuity. I produced a cute matching cup set making use of a vintage tea cup set. One cup is somewhat more dainty than the other, and I believe it works completely. The words are sealed so, Yes, you can utilize it! You get the two cups and 2 saucers visualized.

My tea cups and plates have been seen at Steampunk Worlds Faire, as well as FaerieCon. I find lonesome sets and offer them new life by including enjoyable designs and sayings to them. Every one is completely distinct, and one-of-a-kind.

(The will likewise be included with your set)
-NO microwave
-NO dishwasher
-Handwash ONLY with soft cloth and minimal soap
Taking correct care of your altered tea cup will make it last a very long time!


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