Cottage Cheese-Banana Breakfast Delite

Cottage Cheese-Banana Breakfast Delite

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 8 mins
  • Servings: 1
  • About This Recipe

    “My own creation…I eat this EVERY day for breakfast. Very healthy, low-fat/cal, and filling (especailly when using whole-wheat bread). Also a great breakfast for diabetics”


  • 1small cinnamon raisin bagel or 1small English muffins or 2sliceswhole wheat bread
  • 1mediumbanana, sliced
  • 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese or 1/4 cupfat-free cottage cheese
  • 1packetsugar substitute
  • 1dashground cinnamon
  • Directions

  • Toast bagel, english muffin, or bread.
  • Top with sliced banana.
  • Spread cottage cheese evenly over top.
  • Sprinkle sugar substitute and cinnamon over top.
  • ENJOY!
  • Reviews

  • “I am always looking for new ideas for breakfast, especially those that are low fat & filling.I bought oat bran English muffins as I couldn’t find whole wheat.Give this one a try — I never thought of cottage cheese as a breakfast food, but this was very good! -M”

  • “this recipie was delicious!! At first I thought it sounded a little strange, so I tried it before I fixed it for my 8 year old daughter and loved it, so I fixed it for her, and she loved it too!!TRY IT!!!Sherrill Tello”

  • “I have to put my 2 cents worth in here.Because of comments in the discussion forums, I decided to give this one a try, even though I am not a cottage cheese eater.This was really good.I liked the flavor and the cinnamon and sweetner made the cottage cheese very tasty.Especially with the banana and cinnamon/raisin bagel that I put it on.Thanks for posting this one.”

  • “A healthy on-the-go (or not) breakfast!I used low fat cottage cheese and low fat english muffins.Thanks for the recipe!”

  • “I am on Weight Watchers and I love this for breakfast. It turned out to only be 3 points and is pretty filling. I only had rye bread in the house at the time so I tried it and it was delightful!!! I have passed this recipe on to several people this week alone. Its terrific. Thanks for sharing your idea!!!”

  • “This is very good Manda.It is filling, I used the cinnamon-raisin english muffins.I didn’t have any bananas and it still was good, next time I’ll use the bananas.Thanks for posting.”

  • “This is really good! I’m eating mine as I type as a late dinner. I can’t wait to try it as breakfast. It’s very tasty and filling and fast to make. I used toast for mine and no sweetener.”

  • “I tried this today because they were out of egg whites for my usual omelete at the dining hall and because I need the protein. I used toasted whole wheat bread (the end pieces – I like crusty bread) and used a LOT of cinnamon (however, next time I’ll use more…yes, I do LOVE cinnamon – what gave you THAT idea? ;). I have to say that at first bite, I wasn’t impressed, but then I kept eating. THEN I had a *2nd* one!! Oh it’s so nummy. From now on, when they’re out of egg whites, this will be my next best alternative. Thank you for adding a little more variety to my breakfasts! 😀 It tastes almost like a banana cannoli. Num! The recipe also reminds me of MY recipe “My Daily Bagel Breakfast” #47038. **UPDATE**: I tried this again, but subbed FRESH PINEAPPLE and it was DELISH! It added complexity in texture from the pineapple itself and because the natural juice softens the top layer of toasted bread slightly – which I like. Hope to try with other fruits :)”

  • “My Aunut has been eating something similiar to this for years only she uses ricotta and strawberries.I loved this version and eat it with whole wheat toast and LOTS of cinnamon!This is only 3-3.5 points (depending on bread) for Weight Watchers.Thanks for another winner Manda!”

  • “I love cottage cheese and am always looking for some different breakfast ideas. Needless to say, I loved this. It’s very filling and hit the spot!”

  • “When I read this recipe I didn’t think it would be good.It sounded so easy though and it had alot of good ratings so I gave it a try. I made it on a reg. Eng. muffin yesterday for breakfast and a rasin bagel this morning. This is addictive and very filling!!! I like mine sweet, so I added a lot of cinnimin sugar spice to mine! I can’t believe no one ever thought of putting cottage cheese on their bagel before.I used the fat free kind and it tasted wonderful!This is a very healthy breakfast!Thanks for sharing it! Definitely better and more filling than cereal!”

  • “I thought it sounded horrible, but tried it anyway because of all the ratings.I was surprised that it was actually good.I eat this for breakfast a couple times a week now.”

  • “I’m not a big fan of raw cottage cheese, but thought I would give this recipe a shot anyway.I’m so glad I did!I used just 1/2 of a regular sized cinnamon bagel, added the banana and cheese, and sprinkled with cinnamon and real sugar.Pure heaven.Not a heavy meal at all, but substantial enough to keep me running full-blast on a morning when I didn’t (gack!) have any coffee.Thanks Manda for a great recipe!!”

  • “Yummy yummy yummy”

  • “What a nice surprise! I didn’t expect to like this near as much as I did. I used whole wheat English muffins and drizzled honey instead of using sweetener. It was delicious and kept me full for hours. Thanks for sharing this healthy, delicious recipe. I’ll be making this often.”

  • “Tasty. I admit, I was skeptical of this recipe…the cottage cheese with the sweetener…but this is Healthy AND Delicious! I shared this recipe with others. I also have added berries, too, for a little something extra…. But don’t leave out the banana-the banana makes this recipe! I will definitely make thisagain. Thanks for sharing.”

  • “I’ve recently discovered that I love cottage cheese. I’ve avoided it my entire life of 31 years without ever trying it, just assuming I wouldn’t like it.I decided to give it a whirl recently, and while I don’t care for it straight out of the carton, I LOVE it when used in a sweeter dish like this.I used two low fat, whole grain waffles for this, added the sliced bananas on top, and then mixed the cottage cheese, splenda and cinnamon all together before putting on top of the bananas.I loved it from the very first bite!This is probably the healthiest, most filling breakfast I can think of.I eat these a few times a week now, thanks so much for this fabulous and simple recipe!”

  • “Very nice. I used a whole wheat english muffin and honey instead of cinnamon. I put the cottage cheese on first, then added sliced banana, topped with some drizzled honey. A tasty, healthy breakfast that I will definitely make again!”

  • “Quite tasty, light and quick.I avoid using artificial sweeteners, so I just left it out and still tasted good.If you wanted sweet, you could drizzle a very tiny bit of honey….and wouldn’t change the calorie count significantly…but I don’t think it is necessary. Oh, and I made mine on mini bagels.”

  • “Amazingly simple but very yummy!This fills you up and you are not hungry for quite a while.I use whole wheat english muffins.Thanks for the great idea!!”

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