Cottontail Bunny Salad

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 10 mins
  • Servings: 1
  • About This Recipe

    “This is so fun to make together with your kids, and always gets oohs and aahs from children and grownups alike. I remember my mother making a version of this when I was young, so it brings back fond memories to serve it now. For an Easter potluck, I used these as an adjunct to Tom Lambie’s Cherry Fluff Salad, Recipezaar #10088, by placing the bunnies on lettuce leaves around the edge of a large tray, with a large bowl of the fluff in the center. Quite a nice response from the group as a result.”


  • 1chilled pear, half
  • 1red-hot candies
  • 1raisins, cut in half
  • 2slivered almonds, pieces
  • 1scoop cottage cheese or 1scoopmarshmallow
  • curly leaf lettuce
  • Directions

  • Place pear half, cut side down, on individual lettuce leaf.
  • Making small slits to help hold in place, add red hot for nose, raisin halves for eyes, almonds for ears, and cottage cheese for tail.
  • If serving very soon, the marshmallow is a fun substitute for a tail; exposed to air too long, it will become much less appealing!
  • Reviews

  • “I thought your instructions were complete. Sometimes, we have to use our own imaginations too. Perfect for Easter Dinner. Thank you.”

  • “My kids had alot of fun making this themselves. I only put a picture of the mouse of the table with all the ingedents in bowls and they had a blast.”

  • “This was so fun to make and really puts you in the Easter mood!Thanks so much for this cute idea!”

  • “A really cute idea for an easter salad…for little kids, and big kids. I found your instructions a little vague and made the bunnies wrong at first. They looked like gophers or something, not bunnies. Anyways, I saw VeggieHippie’s post and went to the Betty Crocker website and saw how they should be arranged and they wree truly more bunny-like. I posted a photo to help future chefs. Thanks for the fun! Pam “

  • “I just saw this recipe on the Betty Crocker site. looks really cute-I think I’ll try it.”