Cotyledon orbiculata 'Elk Horns'. Hard to find succulent with great leaves by SteveSuperGardens

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Cotyledon 'orbiculata ' Elk Horns '- A wonderful, and difficult to find Cotyledon growing 6-12 inches high by 12-18 inches across. Powdery silver-white leaves begin round and end up being flat and multi-pronged at the suggestions giving the appearance of elk antlers! The leaf size and shape gets better and much better as the plant develops. An excellent one for the collector of unusual succulents. Makes a fantastic potted specimen!!

Full sun with well drained soil and occasional watering. sturdy to approx. 25 degrees F. with some protection. Sale plants are like the one in the images. They are in 4 inch pots and will be delivered bare-root through Top priority Mail.

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