Country Bread

Country Bread

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 3 hrs 5 mins
  • Yield: 1loaf
  • About This Recipe

    “You will love the texture of this great bread.”


  • 1 1/3 cupswater
  • 1tablespoonolive oil
  • 1tablespoonhoney
  • 1/2 teaspoonsalt
  • 1teaspoonsugar
  • 1 1/2 cupswhite bread flour
  • 1 1/2 cupswhole wheat flour
  • 1tablespoonvital gluten
  • 2teaspoonsyeast
  • Directions

  • Add liquids to the bread machine.
  • Mix together flour,salt,sugar,Vital Gluten. Add the yeast on top.
  • Bake in bread machine for 3 hours.
  • Lately,I have been using the Dough cycle. Remove fromthe machine.
  • Knead, cut dough in 1/2.
  • Form into 2 loaves.
  • Let rise 1 hour and.
  • Bake in a preheated oven 375*for 30 minutes.
  • Reviews

  • “I made this on the dough cycle, let it rise in a loaf pan. I then baked it in the oven at 375* for 1/2 hour. It came out beautiful! This is so very easy and has a great taste! With so few ingredients, this really delivers! Thanks Sage!”

  • “I liked the taste of this bread a lot.The ingredients are ones even the shabbiest stocked pantry (like mine!) contain, so I can whip this up anytime!Thanks for posting!”

  • “Sage, as you suggested as an addendum to your recipe; I too used just the dough cycle. I then removed the dough and shaped a log and cut it into eight disks. I flattened them slightly and placed them on two non-stick cookie sheets (four each) and let rest/rise for about half an hour. I then baked them at 350 for twenty-five minutes. I let them cool and sliced each in half…thus creating home-made burger buns.I dislike those pasty efforts that are commercially available and when I saw this recipe I suspected that it would make the tastiest and most substantial rolls for thick home-made burgers piled high with caramelised onions. It did!Thank you.(prepared for the COOKOUT Cookathon July 1st – July 4th 2002)”

  • “I love this recipe.I modified it just a bit, roasting a head of garlic in aluminum foil with a drizzle of olive oil.I chopped up the roasted garlic and added it to the bread in the bread machine.I used the dough cycle and rolled out into a large round loaf (not using a pan).My husband has this handy, dandy slicer that he lives to slice bread with, and he sliced away.What I love about home sliced bread is that it’s not as thick as store sliced bread, and makes great thin sandwiches, and wonderfully crisp toast.Thanks for sharing.This is a keeper.”

  • “I tried to make patties out of this recipe like the other reviewer mentioned, but it didn’t work very well for me .. however, I loved the way this bread tasted, so next time I’ll just make a regular loaf .. thank you ..”

  • “This is just divine Sage. I also did as you suggested and used the dough cycle of my bread machine, let the dough rise in one loaf pan and baked as you directed. There aren’t many things better than the smell of bread baking in the oven. My husband and kids came running.I could have eaten the whole loaf. It was that good and just made my day. The bread was soft and tender. Thanks ;)”

  • “loved the flavour of this very tasty bread…..but it did not rise as much as other breads I bake.
    for flavour I give it a 10…..for the rise …. I give it a 2″

  • “This bread was great…I made a double batch and got 2 large loaves out of it.I used hard red and hard white wheat berries and ground them myself.I did add a little wheat gluten to make sure it would do ok.We loved it.Grinding your own wheat sure gives it a different taste from any other wheat bread I have ever had.The kids all loved this too.I will make this often .Made for ZWT 07”

  • “I made it completely in the breadmachine and it made a beautiful soft bread. Next time maybe I would use a little more whole wheat flour and a little less white flour. Otherwise it is a great recipe. Thanks for sharing!”

  • “I think I left out some of the flour! (Been sleep deprived lately. LOL) I did this in the bread machine and it collapsed in the middle. I wasn’t home to catch it. Ah well! Tasted wonderful! Moist and chewy. YUM. Thanks for sharing.”

  • “Talk about fool proof! I didn’t look until after the first rise. Oh my gosh! what could I have done? Realized later I forgot 1/2 cup of flour. I added flour and started my machine at the beginning. Light and beautiful with a great taste. Yummy toasted with honey on it. Thanks for great recipe.”

  • “This turned out great. I used the dough cycle on my bread machine than put it in a loaf pan and baked in in the oven. This is a keeper. Thanks for the recipe.”

  • “The flavor and texture is outstanding, and it’s so simple to make!I followed previous recommendations to use the dough cycle and bake the loaf in the oven.It just took 30 minutes to rise again and then another 30 minutes in the oven for perfect light and airy home made bread with a hint of whole wheat flavor.The loaf made yesterday was devoured by breakfast this morning so I had to make another loaf, which daughter “borrowed” to take back to school today. Guess I have to make another if we want any around here.Because the texture is so light, I noticed that I had to be real careful moving it from the counter to the oven to keep it from falling.Thanks, Sage, for sharing this new favorite bread recipe.”

  • “I’ve tried making this twice now in my bread machine and both times it fell when it began baking.The first time I blamed it on my husband banging the door.Tonight, I think he may have bumped the bread machine setting his lunchbox down.Appearance-wise, it didn’t look too presentable either time, but the texture was still superb and flavor was delightful.I think I’ll use the dough cycle with this bread from now on as it seems to be too delicate to make with my family around…lol.I also plan to try the “hamburger bun” technique one of these next times we have ‘burgers’.Thanks for sharing this recipe Sage!”

  • “I’m happy you enjoyed my recipe StacyB.Lately,I have been making it with just the dough cycle and shaping it in one or 2 loaves and baking it in the oven at 375* for 30 minutes;I thought it would be too much trouble but well worth the effort.UPDATE: Whata great way of using my Bread recipe.I would never have thought of that.Thanks Myrna.”