Country Cornbread

Country Cornbread

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 35 mins
  • Servings: 9
  • About This Recipe

    “I was raised on this. Everyone I KNOW was raised on this!! We couldn’t do without this great bread. Notice it has no sugar? REAL cornbread does not have sugar.”


  • 1 1/2 cupsflour
  • 3/4 cupyellow cornmeal
  • 2teaspoonsbaking powder
  • 1teaspoonsalt
  • 1teaspoonbaking soda
  • 2eggs
  • 1/2 cupvegetable oil
  • 1cupmilk
  • Directions

  • Mix dry ingrediants in large bowl.
  • Add remaining ingrediants.
  • Stir well.
  • Pour into greased 11 by 7inch pan.
  • Bake at 375F degrees for about 30 minutes or until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean.
  • Reviews

  • “I made your cornbread last night, and I wasn’t real crazy about it, because “it wasn’t the way my momma made it”. I am used to the sweet cornbread, and was not used to how dense it was. However today I changed my tune, I had it today with my left over chili, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. I am glad I gave it a second chance. It is a good recipe. I am going to make it again, who knows I may even like it even more then. Thanks for sharing. “

  • “Inez I tried your cornbread it was VERY good!!.Ive made it twice last week .I did not change anything. If you want a real country tasting cornbread well this recipe is for you!!!thanks Inez!”

  • “I tried this again, minus the baking soda + 1 more teaspoon of baking powder. It was great. My kids said it was the best cornbread they had ever eaten. Thanks Inez.”

  • “A little over an hour ago I found the recipe. It looked good. IT looked quick ‘n easy. I’ve already eaten two pieces of the result and I’m about to go back upstairs for a third piece. I like it. Thank you.”

  • “I enjoyed this recipe, the bread came out with a really nice tender texture and I liked it even better toasted for breakfast the next day.I was pleased with how easy it was to bake because I usually suck at anything remotely resembling a bread recipe but this was as easy as basic muffins.”

  • “Outstanding. I was raised on no sugar cornbread (Texas mom & grand mom) and this is exactly the way cornbread is supposed to be :D. Mine was feather light, almost too light in fact but the batter was a touch thin and I almost added a bit more corn meal. This is a keeper recipe and it’s now my Go To when I want corn bread. My single addition the some fresh course ground black pepper because it’s good this way. Oh! I made a .4 amount of therecipe and got 6 good sized muffins.”

  • “This is GREAT CORNBREAD! Just made it, maybe just a little less salt( I am sensitive to salt, so probably just me) otherwise very pleased and will make it again!”

  • “If your looking for REAL cornbread and not the kind that taste like yellow cake, this is the one. It’s even better if you use the course ground cornmeal like Sam’s Club sells.Excellent!!”

  • “The only other cornbread recipe I’ve made is with cream of corn. I was looking for a simple cornbread recipe without the corn since I didn’t have any. I was surprised to find so many recipes with sugar in. But I am glad I found this one! This is a wonderful cornbread, and so simple to make. Lovely texture. Thank you, MizzNezz for sharing this wonderful recipe, definitely will be making it again!”

  • “I searched through countless recipes looking for Grandmas cornbread. I can’t believe all the weird stuff people put in cornbread.”

  • “I tried your recipe for cornbreadbecause I haven’t used both baking powder and baking soda in cornbread before.This made a nice cornbread. Thanks MizzNezz.Bullwinkle”

  • “I can’t believe I haven’t rated this!This is the only cornbread recipe I use, now.Being an old southern gal, I KNOW you do not use sugar!YECH! Thnx so much for posting this, MizzNezz.”

  • “This is the best.I am from Texas but I do not like sugar in my cornbread.It is exactly the way my mama used to fix it.Thank you for sharing with us…KK”

  • “Finally my grandma’s no sugar cornbread! I LOVED IT!I grew up in KY and we always had it this way. I never knew people put sugar in cornbread or that you could make it from a box untill I moved to Texas. No offence to fellow Texans but sugar goes in sweet tea not cornbread! LOL”

  • “MizzNezz this cornbread was simply delicious!!!!Thank you so much, this was my 1st cornbread from scratch…. and it was great!This is really a keeper!”

  • “As always your recipes don’t disappoint MizzNezz, my family & I enjoyed your cornbread very much. I made it for use in cornbread dressing. It was just perfect, it made a large, firm, moist and tender cornbread.”