Cream – Peruvian Alpaca / Merino Sock Knitting Yarn, 50 grams by BrowningandWolff

5,75 USD

This is a 25/50/25 Peruvian Alpaca/ Merino/ Acrylic sock knitting yarn in a professionally dyed Cream. Each 50-gram round has 191 yards (175 meters) of single-ply sock knitting yarn, weighing in at 1,730 backyards per pound.

I understand that both & quot; & quot; 1,730 ypp & quot; and & quot; single-ply & quot; noise odd for a sock yarn. I was doubtful, too. Till I knitted a few of it up and used it! This is a soft, warm, and somewhat fuzzy yarn that fulls beautifully when device washed and dried. Yes! I machine wash the socks I have actually knitted with this in cold water/ gentle cycle, and afterwards machine dry on the fragile setting. The socks only reduce a small bit, but they full into a cozy sock that your feet will certainly love!

Likewise due to the slightly bulky (for sock yarn) weight of the single-ply spin of this yarn, these 50-gram balls are a bit much shorter than multi-ply, more tightly twisted sock yarns. There are roughtly 380 yards in 100 grams. For a lot of medium sized socks, 2 50-gram balls ought to be more than enough. Nevertheless, I like the fact that these are readily available in 50-gram rounds because I have size 13 broad guys’s feet and 100 grams of * any * sock yarn does not make a complete pair of socks for me. So I such as having the ability to buy * three * 50-gram balls, instead of two 100-gram skeins, which is exactly what I otherwise would need to purchase. 150 grams of this yarn is 573 lawns – plenty for large, large guys’s socks.

I check knitted this yarn on a 42/84 round sock knitting machine. I have no doubt that it would perform similarly well in any cylinder from 48 up through 84, but it’s too heavy for 96 and 100. I believe that 54 to 72 would be the finest size cylinders for it.

Hand knitters will certainly desire to make use of United States needles sized 2 to 3, depending on how firmly you like your socks knitted. Circular sock machine knitters will find this yarn slides efficiently though any cylinder as much as and including the 84 slot cylinder.

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