Crochet Pattern for Gypsy Scarf Rag scarf Boho Multicolored by TheArtofZenCrochet

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Gypsy Scarf Pattern Tutorial
This pattern has been a long time coming and one I have actually wished to show you for a long time. I put lots of hours of work in to making this pattern tutorial as complete as possible and take the guess work out of developing yourself a really special and special scarf, while still leaving your
space for you to improvise, and develop your very own distinct scarf. Creating the Gypsy was an actual trip for me. Designing the Gypsy taught me not fear my imagination, to develop fiercely and
fearlessly in all aspects of my life. Exactly what the “Gypsy” implies to me… its about utilizing exactly what you need to create something stunning. It means to be increasingly individual, totally free perky, stunning in “your” way, a real celebration of the special and incredible female you are or that you are developing for. To be a “Gypsy” is to commemorate your womanhood with color,
appearance, volume or gentleness, consideration, objective, its about self love or rather your journey to it. Often it means taking things apart before you can put them together.
You will require an understanding of chain, sc, hdc, dc and fhdc (structure half double crochet) stitches.
Ranked: Intermediate Crochet
Crochet Hooks: 4.00 mm, 6.5 mm and 8mm
cutting wheel and board (optional however it sure accelerate the process of cutting fabric!)
Determining tape
An assortment of yarns

You are welcome to offer products based on this pattern as long as you come up with your very own names for your scarves and I am credited to the Design.

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