Crochet Water Bottle Holder and Water Bottle Blue Orange Cream and Red, Water Bottle with Sling by crochetedbycharlene

16,00 USD

Bring happiness to Your servant, for to You, O Lord, I lift up my sould. Psalm 86: 4
This beautiful blue, red, orange and cream crocheted water bottle comes with an acquired water bottle. The water bottle holds 20 ounces of liquid. It has a flip lid to drink from. The bottle is blue.

The crocheted holder is made from a cream, blue, read and orange varigated cotton yarn. It is just ideal for holding your water bottle while you stroll, or while you are in the amusement park following your children.

The water bottle holder is 7 inches tall and the strap adds another 17 inches. The bottle holder is device washable and dryable. The strap will certainly enable you to lug the bottle on your shoulde, cover it around your wrist or tie it around the stroller handle. Your water will certainly always be handy. Or bring it to work with you to assist keep your water cooler and to stay clear of the water condensation on your desk.

If you prefer to simply purchase the water bottle holder and not the water bottle, please convo me and I will certainly change the cost and the shipping.

Or if you ‘d like this in another color, kindly let me know. And I will watch for that color bottle.

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