Cupcake Embroidery Pattern Hand Embroidery Cupcakes Pattern by KimberlyOuimet

4,00 USD

Its all about the cupcakes! This 10 page pattern packet has everything – whimsical cupcakes with a lot of expensive frosting, sprays, and cherries on top! There are romantic doilies, sweet toppers, words, elegant border patterns and a lovely 3-tiered cake stand.
The packet includes 2 major patterns, an introduction page, six pages of bonus offer patterns to extend your creative alternatives and one page of assorted border patterns.

This pattern packet is available for instant download. As quickly as your payment is complete, the pattern may be downloaded and you are ready to print it and transfer it to your task.
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You will certainly require Adobe Acrobat Reader to use this file. You could download it totally free at

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There are two means to move the pattern to your task:

1. Making use of light-weight fabric, tape the pattern (face up) to a flat, smooth surface area and tape your material over the pattern. You should
be able to see the pattern with your material. Use a washable transfer pencil or erasable marker to trace the pattern. For heavier
fabrics, you will certainly require a light to see the pattern. You can tape the pattern and fabric over a light box or onto a window.
2. Making use of tracing paper (in some cases called embroidery tracing paper or dressmaker’s tracing paper), tape your fabric to a tough, flat, smooth
surface. Cut a piece of tracing paper that is an appropriate size for the pattern. Position the tracing paper (carbon side down) onto the
material where you desire the design to be. Set the pattern on top of the tracing paper with the ideal side of the pattern facing up. Make
sure the 3 layers (material, tracing paper, and pattern) are in location and then tape the pattern edges down to the fabric so that
everything stays firmly in location. Securely trace the pattern with a pencil, a dry ballpoint pen, a tracing stylus or an embossing tool.

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