Custom Fit To You Torian Corset by damselinthisdress

109,99 USD

This is a custom fit listing, kindly choose a material from the images and include your selection in addition to your measurements in the note to seller throughout checkout. Just follow the measuring instructions below.


* WAIST: procedure at the very smallest point, a little above the belly button, holding the measuring tape very tightly!

*** This is my New Pattern Torian which has the extra back boning.

* THIS DOES NOT consist of the shirt or skirt, but they can be purchased independently in my store.

* This is my personal favorite corset that we produce. If you ever meet me at a celebration, I’ll probably be putting on one of these and a cropped crazy-looking vest. I such as these a lot since they were constructed with some SERIOUS switchback curves in them, and they are 3 inches longer on the sides, upper back, and lower back, compared with our wench corset. This does not imply they are long & quot; & quot; waisted & quot; it simply means they boil down much lower on the hips. If you look at images of these compared with our normal underbust classic, you’ll see what I indicate. I modeled them after the super-long length Victorian corsets, then improved them up a bit. As soon as, once again, I possess about 12 of these babies, and have actually never made myself anything else, since I’m so pleased with this one, being a long bodied gal myself.

* This corset is boned in 5 strategic locations, utilizing double-thickness European spring steel on the sides and back and fiberglass rods capped in rubber up the front (for completely flat belly and perfect posture).

* Contact me with any questions you have, and I’ll attempt to return to you within a day. I do not provide refunds, but I will certainly do exchanges or alterations for a little fee. I’m happy to deal with my clients to ensure they’re happy.

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