Custom Pet Portrait With a TWIST 11×14 Art that is Funny and One of a Kind Painting by 3crows

200,00 USD

Custom-made Animal Picture – Art that is Amusing and One of a Kind Painting

An original and light-hearted painting of your pets as people and your people as the pets! OR simply your pets doing exactly what they like to do.

Situation: Maybe you like a painting you'' ve seen in my store and would like your very own variation, or you might simply have an entire circumstance in mind, total with all the details, or perhaps you simply wish to tell me about your pets and household and we'' ll figure it out as we go along.Next: When the painting is completed, I will certainly send you an image for your approval. If there have to be any changes, let me understand. As soon as you approve, I will certainly ship your item. Average turnaround time is well within a week.Changes: I will make modifications a million times up until you are 100 % delighted because it ' s crucial for me to capture this snapshot of time for you and to make it unique and real. Typically only one or two rounds of modifications need to happen and the majority of the time the painting is approved upon very first watching! 11×14 acrylic painting on stretched cotton canvas, painted on the sides so it ' s prepared to hang as is. I look forward to producing an one-of-a-kind present

for you or your enjoyed one!Available sizes: Можно приобрести на Etsy за 3crows