Custom Scented Eco-Friendly Para-Soy Candle in 11oz Glassware in Gift Box Aromatherapy by sapeterapi

14,95 USD

This 100 % soybean wax is all natural. This is a pure natural vegan soy wax candle light, environmentally friendly wooden wick and recyclable glass container with cover.

I make all these candles natural without color/ color.
Why Soy you ask?

Soy wax is au natural. Soy Wax burns clean and is most significantly non-toxic.

Soy Wax burns longer than paraffin wax (approximately 50 % longer) and is financially along with eco-friendly too. Soy wax burns clean with is why I do not include any dyes/ colorants to my candles.

Kindly clean and reuse to assist secure the environment. With appropriate care, this candle light will burn approximately 40 hours, possibly more. To ensure long life, a clean burn swimming pool and hours of satisfaction please make sure you check out the label on the bottom of your candle. All active ingredients made use of in candle are bought in your area to minimize carbon footprint. Candle lights are poured by weight, not by volume.

* When burning your soy candle light always permit the wax to melt all the way to the candle walls otherwise you will get a tunnel impact where the wax remains developed along the wall of the container while the middle of the candle light burns down.

Seasonal Aromas:
Amber Noir
Autumn Spice
Spiced Pumpkin Latte
Bonfire Happiness
Falling Leaves
Vermont Male Syrup
Buttered Rum
Apples and Maple Bourbon
Mulled Cider & Chestnuts
Pine Cones
Maple Sugar
Mistletoe & Ivy
Spice Cranberry

Scents Available:
alaskan wilderness
almond macaroon
amber bleu
amber moon
amish quilt
angel food cake
angel heart
bay leaf & pepper
bear claws
berry bundt cake
black irish
black pepper bergamot
blackberry frankincense
blackberry jam butter cookies
bleu lavender
blueberry lemon sugar
bourbon de vanilla
brandied pear
british lemon tart
buttercream cupcake
cake bake
cake batter icecream
cannabis & rose petal
caramel cinnamon latte
caramel, the ideal fall
cedarwood amber
chai tea
chocolate amber
chocolate truffle
christmas spice
cider barrel
cinnamon stick
citron & mandarin
citrus & spice
citrus surge
coffee bean
cotton sweet
cranberries & spice
cranberry & orange scone
cranberry citrus
cranberry woods
crème brulee
crisp & candied
cucumber mint
dutch clover
eucalyptus & thyme
fig & olive
fir & clove
frankincense & myrrh
frosted lime cupcake
fruity rings
golden opium
graham crackers
grammy’s strawberry jam
granny’s toddy
grape gumdrops
green apple surge
green tea & willow
herb garden
homemade cheesecake
honey almond
honey lemon
honeysuckle & white patchouli
honeysuckle rose
ice cream scoop bread
issey miyake
jack frost
japanese cherry blossom
juniper breeze
karma sutra
lavender & chamomile
lavender ginger
lavender vanilla
lemon blush
lemon curd
lemon gumdrops
lemon icebox cupcakes
lemon peel
lemon poppyseed
lemon pound cake
lemon sugar bundt cake
lemon tea
lilacs & lemonade
maple syrup
merry mistletoe
mimosa & mandarin
mineral springs
ming fern & lavender
molten trigger
morning dew
mountain lake
mulled cider
nag champa
OMG olive
orange & goji berry
orange chiffon cake
orange clove
orange pekoe tea
orange vanilla coffee
oud wood
patchouli honey
peacon & pralines
peppermint fluff
pinecones & amber
pink sugar
pistachio coco fluff
pistachio macaroon
pistachio pudding cake
pomegranate cider
primitive celebrations
pumpkin souffle
raspberry macaroon
red apple
increased milk
rosemary mint
ruby red grapefruit
russian tea
sandalwood amber
scotch pine
sinus relief
snickers mix coffee
sparkling poinsettas
spicy cup of joe
spruce christmas tree
sticky buns
succulent aloe
sugar corn pudding
sugar milk
sugar plum spice
sugared shortbread
sugared vanilla shortbread
tea increased
toasted marshmallow
tres leche cake
tuscan fields
twilight woods
vanilla hazelnut coffee
vanilla mint
vanilla pound cake
vanilla sandalwood
verbena & lemon
very hollywood
white increased bergamot
white tea
zucchini bread

Auction is for 1 Soy Candle. Due to candles being custom made buyer will opt to have a cotton or wooden wick.

All candles are put by weight, not by volume, an expense effective candle light.

Components: Environmentally friendly Soy Wax, Wooden/ Cotton Wick, Reusable Glass Jar. Present Box & Important Oil/ Scent.


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