Dainty Flowerbasket Necklace Art Nouveau Style VINTAGE mystery piece extra fine chain Blue Rhinestones by lauriescustomthingz

40,00 USD

This is really classic, yet I do not think Art Nouveau, or Victorian, I’m guessing 60s (I could be wrong – it is def NOT modern-day!) … the chain is so very delicate and vintage in addition to the clasp which I have actually seen just rarely, this cylindrical style, which seems brass. perhaps it was a Euro import. The basket appears to have a virtually copper wash over silver colored base metal. Chain is appox 21 inches long. The flower basket is 1 by 1-1/ 2 inches. The Stones are merely glued in, however even the flower basket when viewed thru a loupe appears extremely old! I believe much of the victorian and art nouveau pieces are gold, not lower metals, and why I think this is more modern-day, but made to look older, or European, and odd to my eye! I enjoy it, it is really womanly, and quite.

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