Delicious Chicken Pot Pie

  • Prep Time: 1 hrs
  • Total Time: 1 hrs 45 mins
  • Servings: 6-8
  • About This Recipe

    “This chicken pot pie recipe takes a little time, but it is WELL WORTH IT!! This is an all-time favorite in our family. Great on a cold winter day.”


  • 1cuppotato, diced
  • 1cuponion, diced
  • 1cupcelery, diced
  • 1cupcarrot, diced
  • 1/3 cupmelted margarine
  • 1/2 cupall-purpose flour
  • 2cupschicken broth
  • 1cuphalf-and-half
  • 1teaspoonsalt
  • 1/4 teaspoonpepper
  • 4cupschicken, cooked and chopped
  • 2pie crusts( either store bought or your own recipe)
  • Directions

  • Preheat oven to 400°F.
  • Saute onion, celery, carrots and potatoes in margarine for 10 minutes.
  • Add flour to sauteed mixture, stirring well, cook one minute stirring constantly.
  • Combine broth and half and half.
  • Gradually stir into vegetable mixture.
  • Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until thickened and bubbly.
  • Stir in salt and pepper; add chicken and stir well.
  • Pour into shallow 2 quart casserole dish and top with pie shells.
  • Cut slits to allow steam to escape.
  • Bake for 40-50 minutes or until pastry is golden brown and filling is bubbly and cooked through.
  • Reviews

  • “This is without a doubt the best chicken pot pie I’ve ever made or eaten in my life!!!My boys said, “it was da bomb”, (meaning excellent).I had to double the recipe to make a big 9 X 13 pie to feed my gang, so I had alot of work ahead. I did all the prep work (minced the onion, peeled and diced the potatoes and carrots, and diced 1.5 lbs. of chicken breasts then cooked them in 2 cups of broth and a bay leaf) the day before then refrigerated it all until the next day, when once I made the top crust, it was a snap to do the rest. I just had to cook the already peeled and diced potatoes/carrots, warm the chicken in the micro and make the sauce. Ohhhh so delicious!!”

  • “This was excellent.I added mushrooms,bell pepper and green onions and instead of half and half I used heavy whipping cream(that was all I had).It was creamy and delicious.Thanks for sharing I advise everyone to try this!!!”

  • “This chicken pot pie was THE MOST DELICIOUS I’ve ever tasted!Everyone LOVED it!!!! It sure is definately worth the extra time it takes.I added mushrooms as well. I cooked and browned the chicken with some olive oil, salt and pepper. I prepped the filling the night before and put it in the frig, then the next night I just (heated up the mixture) filled the pies, put them in the oven to cook.”

  • “I almost followed this recipe exactly and found that it was great! It is rich and creamy and full of flavor, my husband and I ate way more than we should have. I left out the celery because I hate celery and opted to use a frozen bag of mixed veggies (peas, carrots, corn and green beans) to avoid all the chopping and add some more textures and healthy bits. So I just cooked the potato and onions together until almost soft. Followed the directions exactly and then added the mixed frozen veggies in step 7 when you add in the cooked chicken. I just added what I thought was “enough” and everything looked chunky and well proportioned. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to have a bottom crust so I made mine with a top and bottom and it came out great. If you have left over chicken or perhaps pick up a rotisserie chicken and use the frozen veggies like I did, prep time on this recipe is about 20 minutes, which is awesome for a home made pot pie.”

  • “Everyone finished off this meal.This was easy to make and did not take long to make at all!Will serve this on a regular basis. May try a puff pastry topping next time.”

  • “This receipe was absolutely wonderful!I am an amateur cook who was looking for something new and different, but yet easy to make.My husband loved it!”

  • “This recipe will be added to my personal cookbook!I have no doubt I will make it many times again.Well worth the prep. time, and both my husband andI enjoyed it thoroughly!I may even make it for our vegetarian friends, justincrease the veg. content and omit chicken.Sharon”

  • “This recipe was 5 stars and more. It was so delicious and not hard to make at all. After reading all the reviews and looking at the recipe I had to agree it needed some spices. Did everything in the directions but added a pinch of nutmeg, some garlic salt, thyme, poultry seasoning, rosemary and about 1/4 cup white wine and I added a bit of frozen peas.For the top crust I used Pillsbury crescent rolls. The flavor was so yummy, we really enjoyed this dish so much. I had made the mixture the night before and then made the individual bowls for lunch in the morning. It took just and extra 15 minutes in the oven. But next time I make this I would like it to have just a bit more juice to it. It had creamy flavor but I would of preferred just a bit more liquid so I would add a little more broth and wine. The wine really adds a very nice rich flavor to the dish. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely recipe vincy….We loved it….UPDATE: Made this again and went with adding the extra 1/4 cup of wine with an extra 3/4 cup of broth which was an extra 1 cup of liquid to the recipe in all.Perfect…and I measured the seasonings I put in and it was a pinch of nutmeg and a tsp. of the other spices mentioned above. It made this delicious dish even more yummy, had the perfect amount of creaminess…I would also like to add that I had timed myself and it was all done and ready to pop in the oven in 30 minutes not an hour…. So if an hour might scare some people off ..don’t let it…This recipe is so worth going for and can be ready for oven in the 30 minutes.Just back to add my stars …they keep disappearing !!!”

  • “I am a full-time house wife and Mom, but I also work 4 nights a week as a cook.The family I cook for really enjoys comfort food so I am always on the look out for quick, but tastey recipes that avoid any cream-of-goop-clog-your-arteries soup. This has been the best recipe that I have found on recipezaar so far. So easy to make I threw together 2 of them and both my family and my employers were clamoring for more!I did substitute bullion for the broth (alas I was out of stock) and so omitted adding any further salt.I also added a bit of summer savory which added a nice herby flavor.Sage, thyme, or majoram would be good too I think.Oh! And for a creamier texture I used half a cup of heavy cream instead of a full cup of half and half. I also made my own pastry (I try to keep as much of my cooking “homemade” as possible).Sift together 1 C. flour and 1 t. salt.Cut in 1/4 lb. cold butter or marg. till resembles coarse crumbs.Whisk together 1 egg yolk and 2 T. ice water add to flour mixture and mix till it just comes together.Let rest in frig for 20 minutes then roll out and top pie.Easy-peasy and SOOOOOOOOO good.”

  • “Oh my goodness is all I can say about this recipe. It was the most elegant and delicious thing I think I have made in a long time everyone in my home loves this pie and I recommend that you try it I used the regerated pie crust from Pillsbury for both top and bottom…how wonderful..YUM …If you have kids that are picky eaters this will be a hit. Mine refuses to eat any other type of pot pie especially the yucky frozen ones.I substituted the broth from a 18 oz can of chicken noodle soup had to add two ounces to get to 2 cups it added more dimension to it than just the plain ordinary chicken broth in the box or can….delicious people try it you won’t be sorry”

  • “no doubt the best recipe i have come across for chicken pot pie”

  • “This was excellent…I added fresh mushrooms, frozen peas and used 2% milk as this was all that I had in the house.Just before removing pie from the oven I brushed some butter over the pie crust..Delcious!!!!”

  • “I make this recipe maybe every other month!! The flavors are rich and perfect! I usually roast chicken or chicken breasts in the oven (with oregano, lemon pepper,lemon slices, garlic, salt,black pepper, and olive oil) the day before or that morning, and then hand shred it. I skip the celery since my brother nor my husband like them. I do the potatoes, flour, and broth/half and half steps. At that point, I add in frozen peas and frozen carrots. I mimic the spices I used for the chicken at this point (dried oregano, lemon pepper, salt, pepper, dried onion powder since I omit real onion). I stir in the chicken and let it get nice and creamy. I then use pot pie tins and cover it with pie crust. Into the oven at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes…perfect!!! I freeze most of the pot pies (I get about six out of the recipe when cooked and cooled. Then, when I want one, I bake it at 375 degrees for about 30-40 minutes. Soooooo gooooooood! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!!!”

  • “I enjoyed this recipe so much I made another the very next day. I do recommend adding a little
    extra chicken stock by 1//4 cup. This pot pie does thicken up nicely as it bakes. Be prepared for a nap afterwards. Awesome Comfort food.
    Not great as a leftover so dig in when fresh out of the oven.”

  • “Yum!! First chicken pot pie I’ve ever made, and it was a good one!! I use my own pastry, rather than store bought, and I also added some garlic, thyme and rosemary. I would add more next time I think to up the flavour – but it was sooooo good!! Looking forward to leftovers! Mushrooms would also be good in here.”

  • “We loved this pot pie.I followed other reviewers advice to perk up the flavor of the sauce.I added 1 t of minced garlic, 2 T of chopped parsley, 1/4 cup sherry, 11/2 t. Poultry seasoning and a sprinkle of paprika.I usedpurchased refrigerated pie crusts and ended up making 2 casseroles from all of the ingredients. The extra is in the freezer!
    I will definitely try this again.”

  • “Easy for a homemade pot pie.I boiled my chicken and used that delicious stock in the pie.Used FF half & half, and it was still thick & creamy. Me and my man ate the WHOLE thing for dinner by ourselves!”

  • “Excellent recipe!My husband and children were BLOWN AWAY!I cook a lot, and most of the time they enjoy what I cook, and I think because I’ve spoiled them to good food, not often do they go on and on and on about how delicious something is…with this Chicken Pot Pie they’ve not stopped talking about it!Easy recipe to follow, no need to change a thing.I made it in my Pampered Chef Deep Dish Pie Plate, so it was not only yummy, but looked very pretty too!Thank you bunches for sharing this recipe!”

  • “This was such an amazing dish! Because I needed to use them, I also added 1 cup of diced mushrooms and 1 cup of peas.I also used half butter and half olive oil. I boiled the chicken in chicken stock with a bay leaf, and then, after removing the bay leaf, used that for the 2 c. stock. I taste test throughout the cooking process, and decided it needed some additional flavor; just me I guess.I added 1 tsp. origional Mrs. Dash, and 1 tsp. garlic powder. All the extra time is sooo worth it for this dish and I love that it uses all fresh ingredients rather than canned soups.This was a huge hit with the hubby and another couple; there was nothing left.Thanks so much for a wonderful recipe that I’ll use over and over.”

  • “I’ve made this at least a half dozen times in the last year. Everyone loves it. I boil (poach?) the chicken in water with half an onion, bay leaf, salt, pepper and poultry seasoning. I shred the chicken after it’s cooked and season it with a bit more salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, garlic and onion powders.”