Dirty Martini

  • Prep Time: 3 mins
  • Total Time: 3 mins
  • Servings: 1
  • About This Recipe

    “It s just wonderfull if you like really dry-strong flavor drinks, and the olive juice give it a great salty-olive taste. It s from every bar you go, it s the way they made it.”


  • 2ouncesgin( I prefer vodka)
  • 1/2 ounceextra-dry vermouth
  • 1/4 ounceolive juice
  • 1green olives
  • Directions

  • Mix all the ingredients (except the olive) in a coctail mixer with 2 ice cubes.
  • Put it in a frozen martini glass and the olive on a wooden stick.
  • Reviews

  • “Mine was vodka, can’t do gin.This is very good, love the olive juice.I only swirled the vermouth in the glass then dumped the rest out so that it was “dry” as well as dirty.”

  • “Being the lushes that we are, we drank SHOTS of these and chased with a Bloody Mary.Great for a brunch.”

  • “Simply fabulous for dry martini types like me!I used garlic stuffed olives and Tanqueray gin and it was sooo good!Thanks for posting this recipe!”

  • “Mmmmexcellent! I love dirty vodka martinis and this recipe makes a perfect one. Used almond filled green olives – yum! Thanks for a great recipe!”

  • “Hmmm, sipping on one as I write.I used “potato” vodka and followed your exact recipe, and I think it is perfect.I have saved this in my cookbook.Thanks!”

  • “Love it…gin of course. I did what riffraff did and just swirled the vermouth in and then dumped the rest.I also have a jalapeno stuffed olive soaking in it right now thanks to DonnaH’s suggestion, which I know is gonna be awesome!Cheers!”

  • “This is the ONLY martini I’ll drink… with vodka. I like mine extra-dry, though, so we just whisper “vermouth” over the glass without actually using it. In vodka Venom!”

  • “This is exactly how my hubby makes them for me!!!! Wonderful! We use vodka.”

  • “Ah, my fave!I mxed about 4 batches of this, added ice and stirred till about half of the ice was disolved, placed into the freezer and had them ready to pour through out my party. What fun!Dawn”

  • “Try it with a jalapeno stuffed olive, talk about kicking it up a notch!Lovely!”

  • “I had mine with some top shelf vodka and it was so smooth. I love olives so, this was a great addition to our martini party!”

  • “Well I like mine with gin! Made mine garnished with 3 olives. Stress who has stress NOT me!”

  • “Yum! This is one of my favorite drinks to order at the bar.Its so easy to make too!For a nice variation try a blue cheese stuffed olive. Thanks for posting. :)”