DIY Giant Triangle Driftwood Crystal Dreamcatcher

DIY Giant Triangle Driftwood Crystal Dreamcatcher

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Lately I’ve been doing lots of creating. I usually just gather whatever natural-looking materials I can find, put on some music, light a stick of incense, and see what happens. And these days, I’ve been winding up with lots of triangular dreamcatcher-looking creations.

They seem to be quite the crowd pleaser, so I figured I might as well show you guys how to make them in case you wanted to create your own version. They’re really simple to make – you just need patience and a bit of time. It’s a very soothing experience, really, and in the end you’re left with a raw, natural-looking decoration that will make a statement on any wall. It’s also an excellent outdoor party decoration!


3 pieces of driftwood (or any wood) of any size – mine are about a foot long

Recycled fisherman’s netting (found at most craft or party supply stores)

Jute or hemp

Natural cotton string

Tea-dyed cotton string (optional – learn how to make here)

Accessories like crystals, bells, and feathers (optional)

Hot glue


1. First, assemble your wood into a triangular shape. Secure in place using hot glue, and let sit for about 10 minutes.

2. Cut the netting so that it’s just slightly larger than your triangle, and secure in place using hemp or jute in various spots. In the corners, wrap in an X-shape. You don’t have to worry about securing the netting to the bottom piece of wood, though. We’ll take care of that when we add the cotton string. Use another piece of hemp or jute to make a handle, and tie it tightly to the top of the triangle. I made mine into a braid with a loop at the top.

3. Find a spot on your wall to hang the dreamcatcher while you work – this will make your workflow much better. Begin tying pieces of string to the bottom piece of wood in various lengths. I like to use 3 pieces of string at once – it makes the process go faster, and it makes the string appear thicker, as well. When tying onto the wood, stick each piece of string through the netting to secure it onto the triangle frame.

4. Keep this going until you’ve covered the entire piece of wood in string. I like to design the string lengths so that they appear to come to a point in the middle. I also like mixing up the natural white cotton string with the tea-dyed string. Whether or not you do these things is totally up to you, of course!

5. Once you’re finished with the string, add your embellishments! I added a big feather in the middle, a hanging bell, two hanging crystals, and another crystal on the left side of the dreamcatcher that I secured using hot glue and strong thread. If your dreamcatcher appears slightly lopsided, you can use crystals to help balance it out!

Voila! A huge dreamcatcher to hang wherever you like. This would actually make an awesome housewarming gift for someone.

If you make your own, let us know how it turns out!

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