Drool Bandanna Bib for Babies by Zoealittlebit

7,00 CAD

Our most popular product! Mother and infant checked for over 4 years!

-One Size fits all snap closure bandanna.
-Made with jersey knit and cotton fabrics.
-Totally reversible and double sided.
-Way more fashionable than a bib and does a much better job at keeping clothing dry, these are fantastic accessories to virtually any clothing.


Our bibs are suggested to help secure clothing from becoming saturated with spit and drool from teething children. These are NOT water resistant bibs implied to capture spills from water/ juice/ food.

Depending on just how much your child drools, your might have to alter their bib more than once a day.

One size fits all, babies between 3 months-2 years have been known to wear our bibs comfortably.

This listing is for the bib in the primary picture.


Purchase 5 or more routine cost bibs and utilize the discount coupon code 5BIBS to receive 5 bibs for 30 $.

You can purchase on Etsy for Zoealittlebit